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Saturday, May 2, 2015

12 Of The World’s Most Massive Animals

In America, we love everything that’s big. Whether it be our trucks, our land, our drinks, or our burgers, there’s one slogan that we like to live by: Bigger is better.

And it’s no different when it comes to the animal world. Whether it be a 300-pound snake, a 2-pound goldfish, or a pig that weighs as much as a truck, we’re impressed by the biggest and best!

Take a look at some of the biggest animals below. Most of them have been confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records to be the absolute biggest of the big among their species.

1. At 7'4" tall when standing on his hind legs, and 3'8" when on all fours, Zeus holds the record for tallest dog ever.

2. Trouble, the world's largest domestic cat, was 19" tall from shoulder to paw.

3. 13-year-old Blossom is the world's tallest cow, standing at 6'4".

4. Big Jake, the world's tallest horse, weighs about 2,600 pounds and is an incredible 6'11" tall! That's 20 hands!

5. It took over 100 people to finally capture this 20'3" monster.

6. Originally bought for 99 cents, this goldfish lived over 15 years and grew to be 15 inches long and weighed in at 2 pounds!

7. 9-year-old Romulus holds the honor of being the world's tallest living donkey. At 5'8" he's over 17 hands!

8. The largest living cat is the aptly named Hercules. An adult male tiger, he stands 4'1" at the shoulder and weighs 922 pounds!

9. Medusa, the world's longest snake, lives in Missouri and is 25'2" long!

10. This Chinese pig weighed 1,984 pounds before it died. That's a lot of bacon!

11. The world's biggest catfish weighed in at an incredible 280 pounds. That thing could eat you!

12. And Patrick! The world's largest and oldest Wombat: 88 pounds and 28 years old — this guy knows how to live!


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