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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Passenger Sues Delta And Pet Owner After Emotional Support Dog Attacked Him

A passenger traveling on a 2017 Delta flight is suing the airline and a pet owner, claiming that an emotional support dog bit him in an attack that left permanent damage to his face.

Marlin Jackson of Alabama filed the lawsuit over the June 2017 incident on Friday. He’s accusing the airline and the dog owner, a U.S. Marine, of negligence and demanding an unspecified amount of damages.

The lawsuit states Jackson was in a window seat when the dog sitting on the lap of the passenger next to him lunged for his face and pinned him against the wall of the aircraft, biting his face. The dog was identified on the police report as a mix of chocolate Labrador retriever and pointer. The attack occurred during boarding on a flight scheduled to travel from Atlanta and San Diego. Jackson said he asked the pet owner if the dog would bite before taking his seat.

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Can Cats Be Allergic to Dogs?

If your cat is itchy, he could have an allergy to something in his environment. Molds, pollen and dust mites are common allergens, but can cats be allergic to dogs? While it’s not something you hear about very often, it’s possible.

Can Cats Be Allergic to Dogs?

Although veterinarians say it’s not well-documented or very common, cats can be allergic to dogs. “When we perform intradermal allergy testing in cats, ‘dog epithelia’ is one of the allergens that we test cats for out of a panel of about 60 environmental allergens, including pollens, molds and house dust mites,” says Dr. Elizabeth Falk, a board-certified veterinary dermatologist at Cornell University Veterinary Specialists in Stamford, Connecticut. “We can include that in the cat's allergy vaccine.”

Generally speaking, cat allergies are not very well-studied, so knowing whether certain dog breeds are more allergenic than others is tough. It’s not much of a stretch, however, to suspect that certain breeds can potentially present more of a risk, veterinarians say.

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Can Dogs Be Allergic To Cats? Signs & Treatment

Dogs and cats have historically never been the best of friends when it comes to getting along with each other.

The majority of dogs and cats keep a distance from each other. However, there are a few exceptions in some households, especially when the dogs and cats have grown up together from a very young age. 

Dog Allergic to Cat

But can dogs be allergic to cats and develop allergic reactions?

It may surprise you to know that in the rarest of cases, this is actually true! How is it possible you might be thinking.

It is extremely unlikely, but there is a slight chance that you may end up in a situation where your dog is allergic to cats and develops itches, red eyes and keeps sneezing as soon as a cat is near him or her.

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Deformed Front Legs of Puppy Saved Him from Becoming Fighting Dog

An adorable two-month-old puppy was surrendered to the Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter in Newark, New Jersey recently; the dog's front legs grossly deformed. Perhaps his birth defect or being locked in a too small kennel as he developed saved his life; his past owner decided the little one's deformity made him unsuitable to be a fighting dog.

Named Hulk by his rescuers, the staff at the Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter stated the eight-week-old little bundle of cuteness was the meanest, nastiest little critter anyone would have wanted to meet. From the moment he entered the shelter, Hulk would bite, growl and snap at everyone. It was evident he hadn't been socialized; chances are he was already being taught to fight and be aggressive.

According to the AHPPS, however the very young life of Hulk is making a positive turn:

"...the rough edges have smoothed down with loving hands that hold him. There are two matronly female dogs who play with him so he can perceive that affection and dominance are taught in a favorable and rewarding manner."

Hulk will be examined by a specialist this week in hopes of correcting his deformity. If you would like to help, please click here.

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When Dad Pushes The Dog in a Swing - She Gives a Big Smile

Dad asked their dog Sara if she wanted to get in the swing for a push. When they put the dog in she gets a big smile on her face and wants to be pushed more. The owner says she's done this for four years and goes wild with happiness when they tell her she gets to go swinging.


How to Treat Ear Mites in Rabbits

Rabbits are susceptible to infection by a small oval shaped mite called Psoroptes cuniculi, which has a preference for ears. Rabbits can pick up infection when they contact eggs in hay, straw, or wood chip bedding.[1] Although the mites live in the ear, if the infection is not treated, it can spread to other parts of the body, such as the paws, head, neck, abdomen, or around the anus.[2] Learn how to treat ear mites so you can keep your rabbit healthy.

1- Clean everything the rabbit has touched. Ear mites are very contagious. Because of this, everything the rabbit comes into contact with should be cleaned and disinfected in case they harbor mites or mite eggs.[3]

Dispose of all bedding materials and provide fresh bedding every day until the mites have been gotten rid of completely.

Scrub and disinfect the hutch and run. Make sure to clean it often while your rabbit has the infection.

Ear mites are highly infectious to other rabbits and can spread by direct contact. Therefore, all the rabbits in the household should be treated, too.

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Horses Keep Dying At Santa Anita Racetrack. Here's What We Know

(CNN)Animal rights activists are again calling for races to be suspended at Santa Anita Park amid a string of horse deaths that forced the park to temporarily shut down earlier this year.

The famed Arcadia, California, racecourse, which will play host to this year's Breeders' Cup World Championships in November, recorded its 26th death since December when Kochees was injured during a race Saturday. The 9-year-old gelding had to be put down Sunday.

Track spokesman Stefan Friedman told CNN the track is safe and there will be consequences in Kochees' death.

He would not go into detail but said the rules at Santa Anita require that every horse who races be seen by a trainer's veterinarian and by the track's vet. He said two trainers also got the boot last week, again declining to provide details.

"Everybody's got to be pointed at the fact that the horse comes first," he said. "If you do not put the safety of the horse first at this track, you will not be welcome here."

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Woman Imprisoned Dog and Cat in Storage Unit

Unfortunately, there have been many cases in which animals have been kept in terrible conditions by humans. Cala, a pit bull mix was kept on a leash so short, she choked whenever she sat down. Liam, was abused, neglected, and kept on a chain for years. Another beautiful dog was kept chained to a wall for 15 years and was never even given a name. A dog and cat in Calgary, Canada were discovered in a storage unit where they were being kept by their owner.

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