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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Hong Kong dog causes panic – but here’s why you needn’t worry about pets spreading COVID-19

A Pomeranian dog in Hong Kong grabbed the international media’s attention this week after scientists found traces of coronavirus in the canine. Following confirmation that the dog’s owner was positive for the virus causing COVID-19, the dog was taken from Hong Kong Island to a nearby animal quarantine facility. Subsequent tests performed on swabs collected from the dog’s nose and throat unexpectedly revealed coronavirus.

These results have raised many questions and concerns. Can our dogs really catch the virus? Should we be worried about our pets getting sick? Could dogs spread coronavirus between people?

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Saturday, September 26, 2020

7-Foot-Tall Great Dane Is Often Mistaken For A Horse

Big dogs are impressive, especially when they’re so large they get mistaken for other animals. Take Thunder for example, a 7ft tall Great Dane who regularly gets mistaken for a horse whenever his owner takes him out for a walk. This big boy easily could pass for a pony since he tips the scale at more than 210 pounds. However, in typical big dog fashion, he thinks he’s a lapdog and often tries to cuddle on his owner’s lap.

35-year-old Jenny Saccoccia and her husband, 37-year-old home developer Chris, live with Thunder in their family home in Ontario, Canada, which is a four-bedroom house that they all share with their other smaller dogs: a Pomeranian named Chichi, a Malamute named Tulu, and a Yorkshire Terrier named Peanut. Turns out, the large and monstrous Thunder is actually afraid of the small dogs, who all have the run of the household.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Can Pets Get The Coronavirus, And Can We Catch It From Them? Here's The Science

Humans and animals share many diseases. And as dramatically shown by the tigers that tested positive in the Bronx Zoo, the coronavirus is one of them.

As three veterinary epidemiologists who study infectious disease, we have been asked a lot of questions about if and how the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 affects pets.

Can my pet get the coronavirus?

When talking about a virus, the words "get" or "catch" are vague. A more precise question is: Can my cat or dog become infected with SARS-CoV-2?

The answer is yes. There is evidence from real-world cases as well as laboratory experiments that both cats and dogs can become infected with coronavirus.

In Hong Kong, health officials have tested 17 dogs and eight cats living with COVID-19 patients for the coronavirus. They found evidence of the virus in two dogs: a Pomeranian and a German shepherd, though neither became sick.

None of the eight cats were infected or had been sick. However, there is a separate report of an infected cat from Hong Kong.

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Friday, February 1, 2019

‘Boo,’ Crowned The ‘World’s Cutest Dog,’ Dies Of A Broken Heart At Age 12

LOS ANGELES (CBS/CNN) — Get your tissues ready. If the January blues hadn’t already got to you, the world’s cutest dog, Boo, has died of a broken heart.

The Pomeranian Boo and his companion Buddy, who died last year, became internet sensations when their American owners started sharing pictures of their adorable antics.

His death was confirmed in a post made by his owners to his 16 million Facebook followers. He was 12 years old, in human years.

“Shortly after Buddy died, Boo showed signs of heart issues. We think his heart literally broke when Buddy left us,” his owners wrote. “He hung on and gave us over a year. But it looks like it was his time, and I’m sure it was a most joyous moment for them when they saw each other in heaven.”

“Our family is heartbroken, but we find comfort knowing that he is no longer in any pain or discomfort,” they added, noting that Boo “brought joy to people all over the world.

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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Celebrity Dog Picasso Honored for Overcoming Tough Odds

EUGENE, Ore. (AP) — With his famous misaligned snout and unique toothy grin, Eugene dog Picasso was honored in Portland with an Oregon Humane Society Diamond Collar Hero Award.

At almost 2 years old, the pit bull, Chihuahua and Pomeranian mix has captured worldwide attention since coming to Eugene in early 2017.

The Oregon Humane Society's Diamond Collar Hero Awards recognize and honor animals and people who have acted to save a human or animal life in peril, performed services within the community with undying loyalty, or overcome incredible odds in order to survive.

"Picasso has overcome challenges that most dogs don't ever have to, from surviving an assaulter to living on the streets," said Liesl Wilhardt, Luvable Dog Rescue founder and executive director. "And he's done it all with courage and grace."

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan Visits Chicago Braves Deep Dish Pizza

As if a father-son road trip wasn't adventurous enough. Imagine travelling with two pugs, a pomeranian and a pit bull in an RV.

"Dog whisperer" Cesar Millan and his 22-year-old son Andre are touring the country while filming their new Nat Geo Wild series "Cesar Millan's Dog Nation." The duo arrived in Chicago last week and plan to leave the city Wednesday after stops at Calumet Park for the Southeast Chicago Dog Fest; Michigan Avenue for window shopping; and Giordano's for a slice of deep dish pizza, despite the elder Millan's lack of cheese tolerance.

Along the way, the longtime dog behaviorist and his son shared tips with the Southeast Chicago Dog Park Committee about building a successful dog park and 20somethings about adopting their first dog.

"I want Andre to come in and teach the youth about prevention, what it means to be a responsible dog owner," Cesar Millan said during his visit to Tribune Tower last week.

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Film ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ Has Some Pet Retailers Cashing In

The film ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ (CMCSA) opened with a massive $103 million dollar opening weekend, crushing expectations.

While the film might be a cash cow though for Universal Studios, pet retailers can expect to cash in on the animal themed film.

After the release of films like ‘101 Dalmatians’ and ‘Finding Nemo’ there was a spike in Dalmatian and Clown fish purchases. Animal shelters and adoption agencies interviewed by advised that they don’t expect to see a spike in adoptions or animal purchases based on the various animals in the film, but that that could change over time.

PetSmart collaborated with the film on a special collection of dog toys, beds, and clothes among many other items. 

According to the pet retailer, the best selling product are the Buddy Bungee Toy, Max and Buddy plush toys and the Gidget Ruffle Dress. Max plays the lead role as a Jack Russell Terrier, Buddy is an easy going Dachshund and a friend of Max’s, and Gidget is a Pomeranian with romantic intentions for Max.

Rebecca Frechette, the Senior Vice President of Merchandising at Petco says that the pet merchandising market is strong and fashionable items like travel supplies and collars have been trending well.

She also notes that consumers have a high interest in adopting pets. “People really want to help pets and make them a part of their family” Frechette tells


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

This Photo of an Absolutely Adorable, Brown Ball of Fluff is Indeed of a Dog… Not a Bear

The first great Internet mystery of 2016 has been solved. This photo of an absolutely adorable, brown ball of fluff is indeed of a dog -- not a bear.

The dog is actually a female Pomeranian-mix named Bounce, according to Ryan Horn, an employee of The Dog Spot, West Nashville, Tennessee, a retailer, dog supplier and daycare store with three locations in the Nashville area.

Horn told ABC News that Bounce checked in The Dog Spot last Monday, when he took a photo of her and texted it to his friends, joking, "Somebody brought this bear into doggie day care."

One of his friends, Lanier Basenberg, posted the photo to Reddit and Imgur with the same text as a caption. The post took off, and hundreds of users got into a debate over whether Bounce was indeed a bear or a dog. The photo of the smiley "bear dog" on Imgur had nearly 1 million views as of Tuesday afternoon.

"Bear with me -- I think he might be a woof," one user, carson9910, wrote.

Horn explained that Bounce is actually owned by Elizabeth Maguyon, a 19-year-old chemical and bio-molecular engineering student at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Maguyon told ABC News today that she and her family were on vacation in Tennessee when they checked Bounce into doggie daycare.

"We hate leaving her at home and try not to board her as much as possible, so we decided to take her on the road trip with us and then board her there if the hotel wouldn't allow pets," she said.

Maguyon said that while walking Bounce in downtown Nashville,"every single person who walked by her stopped, took photos of her and commented about how cute she was, saying things like, 'Is that dog a bear?!'"

"Since she was getting so much attention, I actually made a joke on the trip that Bounce would become famous without us even knowing because of all the pictures people were taking of her, and little did we know she actually did!" Maguyon said.

The 19-year-old and her family were shocked after several family friends texted them about seeing Bounce on the Internet.

Maguyon said that funny enough, Bounce isn't just like a bear in appearance but also in personality.

"My mom thinks she looks like Paddington, and she also loves to sleep," she said. "She could sleep all day long. She doesn't ever bark either. She naps all day and in that way, I guess she's like a little bear who sleeps lots in winter. We joke all the time she's not even like a real dog."

In light of the Internet fame, Bounce "hasn't let all the attention get to her head," Maguyon said, adding, "She's just a normal, very, very friendly and nice dog."



Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Colorado is One of 23 States Where Medical Marijuana is Legal: Can it Really Help Ailing Pets?

Denver, Colorado is one of 23 states where medical marijuana is legal. Some human patients swear by it, but is pot OK for your ailing pets?

CBS Denver station KCNC reports there are some cannabis-containing products now on the market specially designed for cats and dogs.

Chiara Subhas of Denver decided to try it when her 14-year-old rescue dog, Leo, started having seizures. The little Pomeranian was "just violently shaking, his mouth is open, his eyes are rolling back, he's drooling," she told KCNC reporter Kathy Walsh.

Subhas tried changing his diet. Then she went to pot. "We were suggested by our veterinarian in Boulder that we try a medical marijuana product for our dog," she said.

The product is called Canna Companion. Leo started on two capsules a day.
"Shortly after, his seizures definitely decreased," said Subhas.

On the company website,, Canna Companion is described as a hemp supplement for cats and dogs. The company calls it a unique blend of cannabis sativa strains with low levels of THC, the ingredient that gets people high.

There are more than a dozen testimonials posted on the site. One cat owner writes that cancer-stricken Harley's "happy purrsonality came back immediately!" And Subhas' own veterinarian writes that the capsules helped Titus, her 13-year-old Great Dane, be "comfy and mobile."

"It's not going to cure cancer. It's not going to stop seizures from happening. But it can help," said veterinarian Dr. Sarah Brandon.

Brandon is co-founder of the supplement company out of Washington state. She stops short of making medical claims. In February, the Food and Drug Administration warned Canna Companion and similar companies to remove unproven health benefits from their marketing.

Brandon told CBS Denver, "It's one more tool in our tool belt and we firmly believe that veterinarians and pet parents should have it available to them if they should choose to use it."

But the FDA warned "consumers should beware purchasing and using any such products."

"I personally am not a big fan of the FDA," said Subhas. "I would not worry so much. I don't worry about that at all."

But some veterinarians are more wary. Dr. Debbie Van Pelt says she isn't ready to recommend cannabis for cats or hemp for hounds.

"I just think that we don't have the evidence right now to document what is safe and what is effective," said Van Pelt.

Van Pelt believes there may be potential in medical pot for pets and she understands why owners try it: "Because people love their animals and they are looking for ways to give them better quality of life," she said.

Subhas sees the change in Leo, and thinks the $75 a month she's spending on medical marijuana for him is worth it. "He's more alert overall. He seems just more comfortable," she said.

Chiara Subhas of Denver says a medical marijuana product helped her 14-year-old Pomeranian, Leo, when he started having seizures.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Paris Hilton Shows off the Newest Member of Her Animal Family, a Micro-Pomeranian

Paris Hilton stopped by the Bowery Hotel in New York City on Friday, and she showed off the newest member of her animal family -- a micro-Pomeranian that's so tiny, he can fit into the palm of her hand.

Yesterday she Instagrammed a few photos of him and wrote, "My baby just arrived! I am so in love!!! He's so perfect! I need the perfect name for him! Does anyone have anymore name suggestions for my precious lil angel baby?" The tiny pup was originally named Mr. Amazing, but we have a feeling she'll share his new moniker with us in the next few days.

The five-month-old pooch weighs a scant 11.6 ounces and stands 2.5 inches tall, and P bought him from Betty's Teacup Yorkies in Calgary, Alberta for $13,000, reports TMZ.

In addition to an unlimited supply of toys and treats, he'll also have a bunch of other dogs to play with. As you know, the heiress is also mom to Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, Harajuku, Marilyn Monroe, Pixie and Baby Bear.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dogs of the Titanic: a Dozen Aboard, Three Survived

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, the ship touted as unsinkable, during her maiden voyage from Southampton, England, en route to New York. Much research has been done on the passengers, crew, and the ship itself over the years. But little has been reported about one group of passengers...the dogs of the Titanic.

Many think of their pets as part of the family, and it's evident that that sentiment was as true 100 years ago as it is today.

Widener University, named for a prominent Philadelphia family that had three members on board, will honor the memory of that fateful voyage with an exhibit, a part of which will feature the dogs on board.

The producer and curator of the exhibit, J. Joseph Edgette, Ph.D., shared his knowledge of the Titanic and her four-legged passengers.

I've been researching the Titanic for about 20 years, but working on this particular exhibit for approximately eight months. There might have been more dogs, but based on eyewitness accounts and ship's records, there were 12 confirmed, only three of which survived.

The dog seen in those photos was Capt. Smith's.  Benjamin Guggenheim did a lot of traveling, often on ships skippered by Capt. Smith, so he knew him and his family well. Guggenheim, although originally scheduled to sail on another vessel, ended up on the Titanic, and brought a large Russian Wolfhound as a gift for the Captain's daughter.

The day before sailing, Smith had his photo taken on board with the dog that he named Ben in honor of the man who gifted him. The dog remained overnight, but was taken home to his daughter the next morning, so he was not on board when the ship got underway.

It was never questioned as to why there were three dogs saved when there was so little room in the lifeboats for people. The dogs that survived were so small that it's doubtful anyone even realized they were being carried to the lifeboats.

Two were Pomeranians and the third was a Pekinese, all tiny dogs. One Pomeranian named Lady, bought by Miss Margaret Hays while in Paris, shared the cabin with and was wrapped in a blanket by Miss Hays when the order was given to evacuate.

The Rothschilds owned the other Pomeranian, and the Pekinese, named Sun Yat-Sen, was brought on board by the Harpers (of the N.Y. publishing firm, Harper & Row).

It seems only prominent families had dogs aboard the Titanic. Only first class passengers had dogs on the voyage. One family even received an insurance settlement for their two dogs that didn't survive.

Another wealthy passenger, William Carter of Philadelphia, was traveling with his wife Lucille and their two children. Carter insured his wife's jewelry and other items of value, including the 1912 Renault automobile purchased in Paris.

A replica of that vehicle is what appears in Jack and Rose's steamy love scene in the 1997 movie. The vehicle was insured for the full purchase price of $5,000; their daughter Lucy's King Charles Spaniel  was insured for $100, young Billy's Airedale for $200.

The children begged to take the dogs when evacuating, but Carter insisted that they were too big and that they'd be fine in the ship's kennel. Both dogs perished and the insurance company paid the settlement.

A Toy Poodle belonging to Helen Bishop, a Fox Terrier named Dog, millionaire John Jacob Aster's Airedale named Kitty. Robert Daniel brought Gamin de Pycombe, his French Bulldog, on board, and there were several others, whose names aren't known.

Although a few of the animals shared the cabins of their owners, most were kept in the ship's kennel and tended to by crewmembers, so they were considered more as cargo and not on any passenger manifest.

One particularly sad story involves a Great Dane owned by 50-year-old Ann Elizabeth Isham. Miss Isham visited her dog at the ship's kennel daily and when she was evacuating, asked to take him also. When she was told the dog was too large, she refused to leave without him and got out of the lifeboat.

Several days later, the body of a woman clutching a large dog was spotted by crew of the recovery ship, Mackay-Bennet, and dinghies were dispatched. Eyewitness accounts by crew and ship's log confirm the sighting and recovery, and the body recovered is assumed to be Miss Isham.

There are two photos of dogs taken on board, one of crewmembers walking the dogs, and another of a group of dogs tied to a rail. The photos were taken by amateur photographer, Fr. Frank Brown, who disembarked the ship in Queenstown, Ireland before she embarked on her transatlantic journey.

Interestingly, Fr. Brown's are the only photographs of the interior of the Titanic known to be in existence, as the White Star Line had contracted with the Rochester firm, Eastman Kodak, to take photos upon the ship's arrival in New York, which of course never occurred.

Crew often had at least one cat on board each ship to help keep the rat population down. It's said that there was a cat with young kittens aboard the sea trials of the Titanic but when the ship arrived in Southampton from Belfast, she was seen disembarking. Up and down the gangplank she went, retrieving one kitten at a time that she deposited on the dock. She and the kittens quickly disappeared and it was later said that had some sort of premonition that the voyage wasn't going to be a good one.

The Widener University will be open from April 10 through May 12. Admission is open to the public at no cost.