The Pet Tree House - Where Pets Are Family Too : November 2011 The Pet Tree House - Where Pets Are Family Too : November 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

GIs Reward their Best Friends - The Dogs of War

Living thousands of miles from family and loved ones and facing the dangers of war often take a toll on U.S. troops. But inject some of that old-fashioned unconditional love and things become just a little more bearable.

This is the kind of story that warms my heart. I hope it warms yours too! FOLLOW US!

Burt Ward as Robin in the Batman Series – Is Now a Canine Crusader! He and His Wife Tracy are the Founders of Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions

Have you ever wondered…whatever happened to Robin of the Batman series.  Well, I have found him and he is doing great work for animals! He was the Caped Crusader…now he is the Canine Crusader!

I had the pleasure of interviewing him for his story in The Pet Tree House. He played Robin in the Batman television series that aired from January 1966 to March 1968.

In 1994, he and his wife, Tracy, founded a charitable organization called Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions, Inc., located in Norco, California. They rescue giant breed dogs like Great Danes and some smaller breed dogs. Their work with the organization has been featured in such outlets as People magazine, ASPCA Animal Watch, Hard Copy, Inside Edition, and Entertainment Tonight. Mr. Ward was also seen in an episode of Animal Planet's Adoption Tales.

About Gentle Giants Rescue

We have 45 different traditional and unique breeds from all over the world to choose, all of which are behaviorally trained, easy to handle, great with kids, and socialized with dogs, cats and other animals.

Meet some of the beautiful dogs at the Gentle Giants Rescue! The video below shows 27 of the dogs in the Wards bedroom…or should I say…all over the bedroom!

                                                      Interesting facts about Burk  Ward

Adam West and Burt Ward, TV's famed "Batman" and "Robin," provide the voices of "Young Mermaid Man" and "Young Barnacle Boy" in an episode of "SpongeBob Square Pants."

Batman is an American television series, based on the DC comic book character of the same name. It stars Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin — two crime-fighting heroes who defend Gotham City. It aired on the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) network for three seasons from January 1966 to March 1968. The show was aired twice weekly for its first two seasons, and 120 episodes were produced in total.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Everyday Wildlife Champions - Exotic Red-Tailed Tropicbird, Stowaway Aboard a Ship from Korea - Flies Home, by Plane

Everyday Wildlife Champion was founded in 2009, and views saving wildlife as an everyday thing. It's doing simple tasks, little by little, to make a huge difference.

Company Overview - They are sponsored by Dawn, a brand that’s been active in helping save wildlife for 30 years.

An exotic red-tailed tropicbird  that arrived in Los Angeles as a stowaway aboard a ship from Korea took an unusual flight home via Hawaii to Midway Atoll has been rehabilitated at International Bird Rescue's Wildlife Center in Los Angeles.

Red-tailed Tropicbirds nest throughout the southern Pacific Ocean, from the Hawaiian Islands to Western Australia as well as in the Indian Ocean. They disperse widely after breeding, and birds with numbered leg bands from Hawaii have been discovered as far away as Japan and the Philippines.

To catch their prey in the wild, mostly flying fish and squid, the tropicbird flies high into the air and dives with wings half-folded into the water. However, in aviaries they cannot fly high enough to plunge for food, and consequently remain sitting on the water and must be force-fed.

The bird has been in quarantine in its own private pool at International Bird Rescue’s Los Angeles Wildlife Center in San Pedro, and has now passed all of its required health tests and has been approved for release.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Washington Humane Society - Mohamed Kamara Pleads Guilty to Animal Cruelty for Starving Dog

Washington, DC – Mohamed Kamara, 41, of the 2400 Block of 20th Street, NE, plead guilty to animal cruelty on November 1 as part of a plea agreement. Today he was sentenced to 90 days in jail, all suspended but six days, which he will serve during November. Once released, he is sentenced to two years’ probation and will be required to pay restitution to the Washington Humane Society for medical expenses incurred.

 Kamara was arrested Sept. 13 on a felony animal cruelty warrant that was issued Sept. 12. WHS Humane Law Enforcement officers responded to a call from Kamara’s landlord who was conducting an inspection of Kamara’s home because he had not heard from him in two months. During the inspection, the landlord found a dog in a cage in the basement who appeared to have been left behind. Humane Law Enforcement officers found the dog to be severely underweight and malnourished. It was discovered that Kamara continued to visit the property as the dog declined, but did not provide any care for the animal. The dog was taken to a local animal hospital to receive intensive treatment. He remained there for nine days, but it was ultimately determined he would be unable to recover.

If you have an animal that you can no longer care for, please consider taking it to your local animal shelter. Do not leave it in an abandoned home.

DC Cruelty Laws
The laws preventing cruelty to animals are an important tool in our ongoing fight against abuse. It’s important that as an animal advocate one is familiar with the law. In the District of Columbia, the laws protecting animals are found in Title 22 chapter 10.

If you live in Washington, DC, the Washington Humane Society
Report Cruelty/Neglect and Animal Emergencies
24 Hours/Day, 7 Days/Week
202-BE-HUMANE (202-234-8626)

If you live outside of Washington, DC, contact your local animal shelters for advice, if you have an unwanted animal.