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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Washington, DC - Humane Rescue Alliance Appeals to Public to Adopt Animals Currently in DC to Make Room for Arriving Animals from Hurricane Harvey

Washington, DC – With animals being relocated this week to Washington, DC from Texas due to Hurricane Harvey, the Humane Rescue Alliance (HRA) is appealing to animal lovers throughout the region who may be considering adopting a new pet to visit adoptions centers today.  Dogs and cats adopted this week will clear room for arriving animals from Texas.  All pets available for adoption at HRA have been spayed/neutered and microchipped.

HRA is joining other shelters around the country who have volunteered to help clear shelter space in Texas for the animals who have become separated from their owners or were homeless strays prior to the storm coming ashore.  HRA expects to receive dogs and cats from Texas this week, although an exact time of arrival is yet to be determined. 

“The Humane Rescue Alliance is proud to assist our fellow shelters in Texas as that region deals with the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey,” said Stephanie Shain, Chief Operating Officer for HRA.  “The shelters in Texas are facing large numbers of incoming animals made homeless by this storm and need to move them to safety.  HRA stands ready to take in animals, regardless of breed, with open arms and we look forward to finding forever homes for them in our nation’s capital.”

To adopt current HRA animals, visit organization has two Adoption Centers:

71 Oglethorpe St., NW                       1201 New York Ave., NE      
Washington, DC 20011                       Washington, DC  20002

About the Humane Rescue Alliance: 
The Humane Rescue Alliance (formerly the Washington Humane Society-Washington Animal Rescue League) has protected and served the animals of the community for more than 145 years and serves more than 60,000 animals annually. The broad range of programs offered include: rescue and adoption, humane law enforcement, low-cost veterinary services, animal care and control, behavior and training, spay-neuter services, humane education, and many others. The organization is dedicated to ensuring the safety and welfare of all animals, bringing people and animals together, and working with all communities to support these relationships.  HRA is based in Washington, DC, the only major urban area in the country that has all of its animal protection programs and services unified in one organization, making the Humane Rescue Alliance a model for the nation.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Mucus or Blood in Dog’s Stool or Blood in Urine: What Does It Mean?

If you have noticed mucus or blood in your dog’s stool or blood in your dog’s urine, you may be wondering if it is a cause for concern. Bloody diarrhea can be especially worrying. While these are symptoms of other conditions, they don’t identify the exact cause of the underlying problem. Usually observing any other unusual symptoms can help narrow down the reason for mucus or blood in your dog’s stool or blood in your dog’s urine, but your veterinarian is the one who will be able to confirm a diagnosis and give you the right advice for treatment. You should inform them of any other symptoms that are out of the ordinary, especially bloody diarrhea, and you may be asked to provide a sample from your dog for analysis. You should definitely consult your veterinarian as soon as possible if you see these symptoms. Leaving it up to chance can have dire consequences for your dog. Here is what you should know about mucus or blood in your dog’s stool or urine.

To read more on this story, click here: Mucus or Blood in Dog’s Stool or Blood in Urine: What Does It Mean?


Washington, DC - Run for a Cause with Humane Rescue Alliance: Marine Corps Marathon - Registration Deadline August 31st

If you want to run in the sold-out Marine Corps Marathon, you're in luck! HRA still has entries available. Join team HRA to run 26.2 and you'll not only get a spot in the race, you'll also get the chance to save lives.

For more information, click here: Marine Corps Marathon

                     Registration Deadline August 31st  - Don’t Miss Out!

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Appalachian Wildlife Refuge: Please Donate Your Old Mascara Wands to Help Injured Animals

The Appalachian Wildlife Refuge would like to help you clean out your make-up case.

The volunteer run organization is asking people to send them their used mascara wands instead of throwing them away.

The wands are used to help remove fly eggs and larva from animals that are injured or orphaned.

According the wildlife refuge's website, the wands are perfect because their bristles are close together.

People are asked to send in their "Wands for Wildlife" and to host "Wandraisers."

Before you send in your used brushes, they will need to be cleaned. You can do that by soaking them in soapy water and removing all the residual mascara.

After the wands have been washed, you will need to fill out a Wands for Wildlife form. That can be found on the refuge's website.

All donations must be mailed to P.O. Box 1211, Skyland, NC 28776.

If you do not have any used mascara wands but wish to help, the refuge asks that you DO NOT buy new wands, but instead buy food or supplies from their wishlist , or make a monetary donation.


People Band Together To Save Animals During Hurricane Harvey

If you’ve turned on the news or logged onto social media, you’ve seen images of the disaster that is currently sweeping southeast Texas.

Houston is being pummeled by Hurricane Harvey, and the storm isn’t over yet. As families struggle to find higher ground, the devastating reality is that many pets are getting left behind. While a few shelters allow animals, some force owners to keep them outside, and others don’t permit them at all.

But that isn’t stopping advocates and pet lovers from doing what they can to rescue our helpless furry friends from the torrential floods. This world can be tough, but in times of trouble, people always have a way of coming together.

To read more on this story, click here: People Band Together To Save Animals During Hurricane Harvey


Please Donate to The Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, to Help the Animals of Hurricane Harvey - Please Share!

Houston SPCA
US 501c3 charitable organization

Message from: Houston SPCA

Our profound thanks to all of you in Texas and across the United States who want to know how you can help Houston animals who were hit hard by this catastrophic disaster. Right now, you can help the most with emergency contributions. Visit

If you would like to make a donation to help the animals in Texas, click here to be taken to their donation page: DONATE 

Visit their Website

Visit them on Facebook

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Sunday, August 27, 2017

How To Support Animal Shelters During Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas on Friday night, causing  widespread damage to cities along the coastline. Many areas are already facing flooding, while others hunker down and wait for the hurricane to pass. As is often the case in massive natural disasters, pets and stray animals often fly under the radar amid the mayhem. So, if you're wondering how to support animal shelters during Hurricane Harvey, you're tapping into a huge need.

According to BuzzFeed, during Hurricane Katrina as many as 250,000 dogs and cats were displaced during evacuations, and 150,000 pets died either during the Hurricane or in the aftermath. In response to these numbers, less than a year after Katrina the Pet Evacuation Transportation Standards (PETS) Act of 2006 was put into place. This law forces state and local governments to consider pets as part of their emergency evacuations, and also enables workers to "procure, construct, or renovate emergency shelter facilities and materials that will temporarily accommodate people with pets and service animals."

To read more on this story, click here: How To Support Animal Shelters During Hurricane Harvey


Baltimore Shelter Seeks Donations For Injured Dog Shot Left On Road

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– A woman driving under a highway overpass on her morning commute was surprised by what she found moving under a blanket Tuesday.

The woman was driving under the I-95 overpass when she noticed a blanket moving on the side of the road.

She pulled over, opened the blanket, and found a big blue pit bull suffering from what appeared to be a gunshot wound.

To read more on this story, click here: Baltimore Shelter Seeks Donations For Injured Dog; Shot, Left On Road


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Washington, DC - 154 Animals Were Adopted at the Humane Rescue Alliance’s ‘Clear the Shelter Event’ on August 19, 2017

I love animals, and I love attending adoption events. I had the pleasure of attending the Humane Rescue Alliance’s ‘Clear the Shelter’ event on August 19, 2017. I really enjoyed watching the potential adopters interacting with the animals. 154 animals were adopted that day!

While this year’s event is over…that doesn’t mean that you can’t give a homeless animal a loving forever home. I love ‘Clearing the Shelters’ events because it allows room for other homeless animals to come in receive treatment, if needed, and a chance to find their forever homes.

For more information on the ‘Clear the Shelter’ events in the DC area, click here:  #CleartheShelters: Over 1,300 Pets Find Forever Homes as DC-Area Shelters Waive Adoption Fees

You may be interested in reading:

Historic News from Lisa LaFontaine, President and CEO, Humane Rescue Alliance to Supporters

August 6 Marks a Very Special Anniversary for the Humane Rescue Alliance’s President and CEO Lisa LaFontaine

To learn my about the Humane Rescue Alliance, visit their website at:

Follow them on facebook at:

If you are interested in giving an animal a loving forever home, please contact your local animal shelters. Remember: “Don’t Shop…Adopt.”

It was a hot day, but no one seemed to let it bother them! It was heartwarming for me to see the animals leave with their new families. Take a look at some of the sights and sounds at the Humane Rescue Alliance’s ‘Clear the Shelter’ event!



Monday, August 7, 2017

August 6 Marks a Very Special Anniversary for the Humane Rescue Alliance’s President and CEO Lisa LaFontaine

Roger Marmet on Lisa LaFontaine’s 10th Anniversary, By: Roger Marmet, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Humane Rescue Alliance

I’m excited to note that August 6 marks a very special anniversary for the Humane Rescue Alliance’s President and CEO Lisa LaFontaine, as we celebrate her 10th year in Washington, DC. 

But this is not only a notable anniversary for Lisa. This marks a watershed moment for animal welfare in the Washington, DC region. On this date in 2007, Lisa began her tenure guiding the future of the Washington Humane Society.  It is safe to say that animal welfare in the District of Columbia was forever changed that day, as Lisa brought her experience, progressive ideas, energy, enthusiasm, and outstanding leadership skills to our nation’s capital and transformed the cause of protecting the lives of our animals.

To read more on this story, click here: Lisa LaFontaine’s 10th Anniversary


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Octopuses Are Marine Animals and This One Proves That Land is Not a Problem When Hunting for Crabs

Octopuses are Marine animals, that live and breath underwater, so at low tide one would expect them to be imprisoned in rocky pools. This extraordinary species found in Northern Australia is like no other Octopus, and land is no obstacle when hunting for Crabs.


Washington, DC - Humane Rescue Alliance: Clear the Shelters Pet Adoption Fees to Be Waived Aug 19th at Nearly 700 Shelters

Clear the Shelters is only a few weeks away! HRA Vice President of Community Programs, Lauren Lipsey, spoke with NBC Washington's Sheena Parveen about the steps and benefits of pet adoption.

While fees are waived, Standard adoption procedures apply.

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Thousands of People Filled Herriman High School's Auditorium to Pay Tribute to Dingo, A K-9 killed in the Line of Duty

Herriman, Utah - Thousands of people filled Herriman High School's auditorium Saturday to pay tribute to Dingo, the 7 year old K-9 killed in the line of duty June 6, 2017.

“Dingo was so much more than just a dog to me. He was my fishing buddy, my confidant, my constant companion, my ever loyal partner, and my protector," said Chad Reyes, Dingo's handler. “I owe it to my partner, my hero, and the best friend I’ll ever have.”

Reyes and Dingo were tracking down a violent fugitive earlier this month when he was shot and killed.

“There’s no question in my mind that Dingo saved my life on two occasions,” Reyes said. “In the early morning hours of July 6, he ensured once again I’d go home to my children. Only this time, without him.”

The entire Reyes family had a special bond with Dingo.

“When I needed ears to listen without judgment, a hug, and a soft lick on my hand, or a warrior to defend me from harm, he always saw me through.”

As one of his final acts in office, Sheriff Jim Winder promoted Reyes to lieutenant.

"This is my last opportunity and I felt it really important to recognize Chad. Also to bring comfort to his family."



An Adorable Cat Captured Internet Hearts for a Very Unusual Reason - She Has Ridiculously long Legs

One fan joked the feline had the “legs of a catwalk model” after her photos were posted on social media.

Quenda was being cared for by Cat Haven WA, a cat welfare organization in Western Australia, earlier this year after being found without a collar and no microchip.

Cat Haven said Quenda is a “sweet and friendly” two-year-old pet who loves “pats and attention”.

Quenda was adopted by a family in May, but has since become a social media star after a fan posted her photos on Reddit.

One user joked the cat looked like a Salvador Dali painting, another joked: “Catty long legs.”


Meet Friar Mustache, a Homeless Dog Adopted by a Monastery in Bolivia

Friar Bigotón (Brother Mustache) is the newest brother in a Franciscan monastery in Cochabamba, Bolivia. His brothers love him so, they created robes just his size. You could get a similar look by putting your dog in a Jedi robe costume .

The formerly homeless dog spends his days running and playing on the grounds, and “preaching to the fish” in the courtyard pond.

Friar Bigotón was adopted through The Cold Nose Project (Proyecto Narices Frias—link in Spanish), which hopes that other monasteries and convents will follow suit to save homeless dogs in the country. In many ways, it makes sense that the Franciscans have taken in this dog, as their founder was St. Francis of Assisi, who was associated with the protection of animals.


Puppy Starts Calling for Mom While Being Groomed

Oreo is hooked into her grooming harness when she begins making the cutest noise. It sounds like a mix between a baby crying and a young child calling for her mama.

The veterinary assistant holds the puppy and laughs hysterically at the puppy’s sounds. Oreo continues her high-pitched calls for mama.

“You’re so funny!” she says. “Are you mad at me because I’m laughing at you?” Oreo just keeps calling for mama.

No doubt this is one puppy that this groomer will never forget. Hopefully, her momma came back soon to get her and take her home.