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Friday, May 15, 2020

Swarm of Bees Attack and Kill Three Dogs in Arizona

Three dogs have been killed by an aggressive swarm of bees in Arizona, according to officials.

The swarm attacked three dogs on Wednesday in Tuscon, according to The Tuscon Fire Department.

Firefighters were forced to kill the bees during the incident after one of the dogs died at the scene from the attack.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

You Need to See Inside This Retro Camper Where Rumer Willis's Dog Lives

Usually being in the doghouse is far from a good thing, but, if it’s a celebrity dog house like the ones seen in Quibi’s new show Barkitecture, we will gladly accept our fate. House Beautiful spoke to the co-hosts of the show, Bachelorette alumTyler Cameron and Brooklyn designer Delia Kenza, for the scoop on the exceptional dog houses created for this show, and it’s certainly not a *ruff* life for these lucky dogs. The celebrity clients on Barkitecture include Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, Wilmer Valderrama, Teyana Taylor, Rumer Willis, Joel McHale, Lilly Singh, and Norbert the dog. Barkitecture premieres on Quibi today, May 11th.

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Bird With Deformed Feet Gets Tiny Casts Made By Veterinarians

A tiny Mockingbird that doesn’t even have a name recently ended up with the California Wildlife Center. They rescued him and took him in after they saw his feet were deformed.

The little bird had ‘knuckled feet’, meaning that they folded in on themselves so it was impossible for him to walk or even perch comfortably.

If the rescue group wouldn’t have stepped in, the little Mockingbird would probably have died.

In addition, the bird probably had to deal with painful sores constantly. Thankfully, a solution was only one creative decision away.

A team of veterinarians got busy creating a little set of shoes for the tiny bird. They made the shoes out of cardboard.

The shoes were designed to help realign the little bird’s feet so that they were back in shape again. It took only one week and his feet were fixed. He was then able to get back to life as normal.

They removed the little makeshift shoes and released the bird into the wild. I guess we could all use a little help sometimes.


Man Finds Giant Bird-Eating Spider Guarding His Garage

Australia, The Land Down Under, is full of beautiful beaches, incredible landscapes…and scary things that can kill you.

Speaking of scary, meet Martha, the giant golden orb spider who made herself right at home in someone’s garage in Buderim, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Golden orb spiders typically eat flies, beetles, and moths – as well as small birds and bats.

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Rottweilers Save Horses From Intruders Who Planned On Slaughtering Them

This is awful: authorities in Florida have recently been warning more owners about a statewide increase in horses being slaughtered and harvested for their meat.

Horse theft and slaughter cases in various counties across Florida have left owners reeling and searching desperately for solutions.

Brena Kramer of Zephyrhills knows about this horrific crime firsthand. She claims three intruders tried to slaughter her beloved horses for their meat.

If it weren’t for Brena’s two rottweilers, she says things would have ended much differently. She believes the dogs chased off the intruders.

Brena ran to their barn as quickly as she could and found one of the horses was left with a rope still tied around its neck.

The horses were left with cuts and scrapes all over their faces, especially near their eyes, along with rope burns near their mouths.

Brena is now sharing her story to warn other horse owners in her area and beyond.

“It is common down South. It’s something most horse owners know about, especially in Florida,” she told Fox13. “They will bleed them out and start butchering while the horse is bleeding.”

Thankfully, there are a couple of heroes who were watching over the horses during the incident.

Learn more in this video.


Overweight Cat Is Going Viral After Passerby Shares Vet Clinic’s Hilarious Sign

A post-it and several sheets of paper were tapped to the door of a vet clinic – all to describe the resident cat.

A chunky cat named Fat Fred has captured people’s attention and apparently the clinic has received many inquires about him – so they decided to post a witty note.

Someone was strolling by the clinic when they noticed the note and snapped a photo to share online.

KneeAppallingTanIceCream posted the hilarious sign to Imgur with the caption, “Walking by a vet clinic when I saw this sign…” and it immediately went viral.

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Unicorns May Not Exist, But Did You Know That “Magical Rabbits” Do?

Unicorns may not exist, but did you know that “magical rabbits” do?

Okay, so they’re not really magical, but they’re certainly something special. “Magical rabbits” are also known as Ili Pika, and they are one of the most endangered species on the planet.

Pictures of them are exceptionally rare. In fact, the pictures seen in this post are the first images to surface of the elusive rabbits in 20 years.

Conservationist Weidong Li first discovered these cute animals in the 1980’s. The second time they were spotted was in the Tianshian mountains, located in the northwestern region of China.

The species was originally known as “Ochotona iliensis”, but Li changed its name in honor of his hometown. Sadly, the species population has plummeted even farther since they were first discovered.

Experts now estimate that there are fewer than 1,000 of these rabbits still alive.

Li feels a great responsibility to keep them safe, being as he was the person who discovered them in the first place. He’s said that he would feel very guilty if they went extinct on his watch. So he actually retired from his day job early in order to spend more of his time observing these creatures in their natural habitat.

But because of their rarity, it’s hard to establish any scientific data on them. What scientists do know definitively is that they are a member of the rabbit family, and there aren’t many of them left.

This is one of many issues that is blamed on global warming. Humans play a big part in the elimination of species in general, and this case is no different. We need to come together and make an effort to save the creatures of our planet.

Images of the Ili Pika have been released in order to raise some awareness about these special animals and their endangered status.