The Pet Tree House - Where Pets Are Family Too : June 2017 The Pet Tree House - Where Pets Are Family Too : June 2017

Monday, June 12, 2017

One of the Pence Family's Beloved Pets, Oreo, Passed Away This Past Weekend

Indianapolis, IN - Second lady Karen Pence paid tribute to the cat Saturday on Twitter, saying Oreo "touched a lot of hearts in your little life."

Oreo along with the family's other cat, Pickle, and rabbit, Marlon Bundo became famous in January, when the family moved to Washington, D.C.

Oreo made his national debut in a photo of the U.S. Air Force flight, which Vice President Mike Pence tweeted.

Since then, Marlon Bundo, better known as BOTUS (Bunny of the United States), has remained in the spotlight with an Instagram page.

The black-and-white rabbit even has made White House appearances, recently stealing the show at an event for Military Appreciation Month. At the time, Karen Pence said he was "kind of famous," as the first bunny to ride on Air Force Two.

CNN reported Oreo was 13 years old, according to an aide to the vice president. 


Meet Coffee Bean, an Adorable 17- Year Old Rescued Chihuahua Who is Living His Final Years Checking Off His Bucket List

Lakeland, Florida – A Lakeland couple is making sure their 17-year-old rescued Chihuahua’s golden years are his best, experiencing the love every dog should, the love he missed out on during years of abuse and neglect.

Tiffany and Billy Hutto rescued Coffee Bean after he was left abandoned and abused on a street in Miami.

The Huttos have now created a bucket list for Coffee Bean and are determined to check off as many items as possible. Coffee Bean has met Miss Florida, walked on the beach at sunset, and had a massage, complete with a manicure and pedicure.

“I wanted him to know what it felt like to have unconditional love. So I decided, why not do ia bucket list,” his new mom Tiffany Hutto told WFLA.

Tiffany contacted the city hoping to fulfill a few more items.

Coffee Bean met City Manager Tony Delgado and was presented a “Bone to the City”.

A trip to the Lakeland Fire Department made this little dog’s day when he got to sit in a big fire truck.

Coffee Bean was also made an honorary K-9 for the day, with a badge placed around his neck by Lakeland Police Chief Larry Giddens.

“I would say perseverance. Leading that kind of life and still have the will to get up and go and live out 17 years is pretty Extraordinary,” Lakeland Police Officer and K-9 Handler Chad Whitaker said.

“We picked things around here that wouldn’t be so difficult to do, and wouldn’t tire him out. I think it’s helped him perk up because when we got him he was severely depressed,” Hutto said.

They found Coffee Bean two months ago at Pawlicious Poochie Pet Rescue in Pinellas County. The organization rescues dying, critically ill and old dogs.

According to the owner of the nonprofit rescue, Jaime Mcknight, Coffee Bean was a critical case. When he was rescued, she spent weeks at a vet clinic trying to save him when he originally arrived.

His new family has several dogs with special needs.

Hutto said she hopes to encourage other people to adopt animals with special conditions.

As for Coffee Bean, he still has more items to cross off his list.

You can follow Coffee Bean at his Facebook page.


Washington, DC - Eighty Duck/Ducklings Have Allegedly Died in the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool

Eighty ducks have allegedly died in the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool within a matter of two days, the National Park Service reports.

From May 20th to May 21st, approximately 80 ducks were found deceased in the Reflecting Pool, a press release reads.

National Park Service (NPS) says a necropsy performed on the ducks revealed their death was caused by "high levels of parasites that developed and grew in snails that live in the pool." 

Chemicals alone are not sufficient enough to fully reduce the parasite and snail population, so the pool must be drained and cleaned, NPS says.

NPS says humans who come into contact with the parasite could develop a "swimmer's itch:" an allergic reaction in the form of a skin rash. They say it is not contagious and rarely requires medical attention.

It will take around two days for the pool to be fully drained, NPS says. Crews are set to clean the pool on Tuesday, June 13 and the pool is expected to begin refilling on Friday, June 16.


Vice President Mike Pence Owns an Adorable Rabbit Named Marlon Bundo

Vice President, Mike Pence owns an adorable black-and-white rabbit named Marlon Bundo.

Bundo, along with his cat half-siblings, Oreo and Pickle, now are residents of Washington, D.C.

Oreo and Pickle were carried off the U.S. Air Force passenger jet in the arms of  then Vice President-Elect Mike Pence's wife, Karen, and daughter, Charlotte, but it took two men to transport Marlon Bundo's cage down the plane stairs to a waiting SUV.

Pence tweeted a photo of the family with the pets mid-air, thanking the U.S. Air Force for the ride. Bundo's eyes seemed wide with excitement about his future home.

The bunny isn't the first elected pet with a unique name: Jimmy Carter's daughter Amy had a Siamese cat named Misty Malarky Ying Yang. Herbert Hoover had a dog named Weejie. Benjamin Harrison had two opposums: Mr. Reciprocity and Mr. Protection.

No word on whether Bundo has a plot to get fancier carrots in his food dish once he's in D.C., but it seems likely he made the Pence family an offer they couldn't refuse.


Friday, June 9, 2017

Meet Lynea Lattanzio, She Lives With 1,000 Cats

You’re about to meet an amazing woman who gave up her spacious home, complete with a pool and a view, just to care for her beloved cats.

Lynea Lattanzio, 68, now lives in a small mobile home so she can better care for more than 1,000 felines.

Over the course of her life, Lynea says she has taken in and lived with 28,000 cats!

The self-proclaimed “ultimate crazy cat lady” loves their beauty, independence, and grace. Out of her own pocket, she began adopting and re-homing cats in the early ’90s. Once she became a vet technician, she was able to grow her mission and find the funds needed for food, litter, maintenance, staffing, and vets.

Lynea’s trailer is situated on her six-acre property in California, known as Cat House on the Kings. It’s the state’s largest no-cage, no-kill sanctuary for feral and abandoned cats. She and her team of volunteers care for about 800 adult cats and 300 kittens.

In the video below, courtesy of Barcroft TV, you’ll get a glimpse into the incredible Cat House, where feisty felines roam freely throughout a five-bedroom house.

I guarantee that you’ve never seen anything like this before.


An Alabama Man Makes Custom Hats for Toad

An Alabama man has found internet fame for his hat-making skills — not suited for humans, but for a toad that keeps frequenting his home.

So, he decided to put a hat on it.

“I have a background in art and design, but I’ve never made hats,” Newsome said. “I just sort of winged it, and used scissors to figure it out."

He said he folded together some foam paper, and placed his design on the amphibian’s head.

“It just sat there,” Newsome said. “[The toad] did not seem to mind, and I didn’t keep the hat on him for longer than the time it took to take a picture.”

He explained toads often come out to play in his area over the summer, but this one, which he named Mr. Toad, would keep showing up on his porch, and even made friends with his cat and dog.

Newsome said he eventually revisited the photos, and uploaded them to Imgur last week, where fans have now started commissioning him to make foam hats for their own pets.

"I’m sure I can make a few more," Newsome joked.


Meet Luna, Her Family Threw Her a Quinceañera For Her 15th Birthday

When she was just 3 weeks old, Luna’s family found her wandering along the side of the road — and decided to adopt her. They have spoiled her with endless love and attention ever since, and when her 15th birthday was approaching, they decided to throw her a very special party. 

A quinceañera is a cultural tradition and rite of passage where a girl’s 15th birthday is marked with a big celebration. Since they love and cherish her so much, Luna’s family decided that she needed one, too.

“Luna is an absolute sweetheart, loves curling up with people and loves laying on her back on the floor,” Angel Olavarria, Luna’s brother, told The Dodo. “We have spoiled her with abundant love and she has outlived all of our pets. On her 15th birthday we decided to give our little cheese ball a surprise quinceañera.”

Olavarria’s mom came up with the idea to throw Luna a quinceañera almost a year before, and began working on plans for the party a week in advance. There would be lots of food, a cake, decorations, a guest list — and of course, a dress for the birthday girl. 

“My mom found the dress on Amazon,” Olavarria said. “I totally thought my mom was joking when she said she was going to order a dress for her, but my mom never jokes about our pets.”

The party room was decked out with a pink tablecloth, balloons and even flowers. The family went all out, so that Luna would know just how special she is to them.

When the big day arrived, Luna’s family put her in her fancy pink dress, sat her at the head of the table, and began celebrating the wonderful 15 years they’ve spent with her. There were 12 family members and friends in attendance, and they partied for three hours, enjoying good company and lots of food, including a traditional tres leches cake.

Even Luna had fun — especially when she got her own special treat.

“She was such a good sport through the whole thing that we think she actually knew we were celebrating her,” Olavarria said “She loved it even more when we opened up a nice can of tuna for her.” 

You can follow Luna and all of her adventures on her Instagram account