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Monday, May 4, 2015

Homemade Dog Ice Cream

It’s summer, summer, summertime and with that comes scorching hot temperatures that can take a toll on our fur babies! If you haven’t already guessed or this is your first time reading here…“Hi, I’m Christine and I’m OBSESSED with my furry four legged children!” ;)

And just like any concerned mother I want all of my children to have the very best of what I can provide for them. If you’re not new here, you may remember that this year I decided to start making our own dog treats after my neighbor’s dogs got incredibly sick and almost died from some tainted dog treats. To say it put me on super high alert was an understatement. I quickly became an ingredient reading fool when it came to anything on the market for our pets, and that included reading the dog ice cream label that they loved!

While I didn’t find anything particularly bad with the ready made ice cream, I did notice a lot of unnecessary ingredients in them. Mainly, just to pro-long the freezer shelf life. I figured if I’m going the extra mile to make them treats I might as well continue on with their nightly before bed treat too. Yep…spoiled.

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