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Friday, May 1, 2015

73-Year-Old, Ex-Marine and Bouncer Punches 300 Pound Bear in Face to Save Dog

They say a mother’s distress upon seeing her child in danger can give her the momentary strength to lift a car. And perhaps it was this same rush of adrenaline that drove Carl Moore as he leapt in to action to save his dog.

“I raised both hands in the air and I cussed at him” he said. “He looked at me like go f*** yourself.”
According to Moore, he then charged the bear and delivered a running right hand to the side of the bear’s head.

“Carl just smacks him. I couldn’t believe it” said his friend and employee, John Sargent who witnessed the event.

Tyler Silva was also there to see the action unfold and was shocked by his friend’s actions.
“I know I’ll never see that one again. He definitely connected. The bear took a breath out like it had been struck in the stomach and then it took off down the road,” he told the Auburn Journal.

Moore says he boxed competitively in his youth and also saw his fair share of fights while working as a bouncer but on this occasion, he says all he was trying to do was protect his dogs.

“The man or beast that I run from ain’t been born ... And you’re not gonna sacrifice my babies for some damn bear,” he told CBS Sacramento as he cuddled his pooch.

According to Moore, he heard his dog Lacy whimpering outside and went to investigate before seeing the black bear approaching the house.

The two witnesses were happy to corroborate the story, and described the animal as being about 160cm tall and 135 kilograms.

Unsurprisingly, state wildlife officials are not condoning Moore’s actions and are advising against instigating contact with black bears in the state. Instead, the official advice is to back slowly away from the animal and only yell aggressively towards the bear if it continues to approach.

“But if you’re attacked, we recommend fighting back aggressively,” said Capt. Patrick Foy from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

It may be no laughing matter but when CBS news anchor, Sam Shane introduced the story this week, he struggled to contain his giggles.

You can watch the report below.


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