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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Do You Think People Should Have Their Pets Tattooed?

What is our society thinking?...or are they! I hope these pictures are photoshopped.

Apparently, a new trend is getting tattoos put on your pets, particularly any pet that is hairless. In Russia, the hairless Sphinx is the most frequent tattoo victim. Yes, I said victim.

In the 1980s before the microchip was invented for identifying pets, it wasn’t uncommon to tattoo pets with an identification number, often on their inner ear or bellies while they were under anesthesia for another procedure such as spaying or neutering. I think animals should never, ever be put under just for a tattoo.

Note: some of the images may be photoshopped. Very hard to verify.

    Body Modified Dog - Thank GOD this one is totally photoshopped. I hope.

Cosmetic Tattoos - This poor Dalmatian had a pink nose, which is a failure in the breed standard. So his owner got his nose tattooed.

In the ear tattoos - Dogs are often tattooed in their ears, usually with an ID number to help find them if they get lost. But this whole image thing is new.

Sphinx Cat with Ink - By far the most common pet that gets tattooed appears to be the hairless breeds, such as the Sphinx cat pictured here. This could be fake/photoshopped, but it looks pretty much like human tattoos do.

  Jack Russel Belly Tattoo - So this poor dog got a Hello Kitty tattoo on it's belly.

Cat immediately post-tattoo - In this photo, the cat is still anesthetized following it's tattoo. I found several shots of this cat being tattooed while under, so I do think it's real. It's a beautiful tattoo. Just wish it was on someone that could give consent.

                              It's likely these are fake...I hope.

Yes, another hairless Sphinx sporting what looks like real ink. That's a lot of ink for a little cat. I'd say it took 3 hours at least.

Daschund Belly Ink - This little guy has a tiny tattoo on his belly. Likely done when it was spayed/neutered and didn't take too much time.

 Louis Vutton Pigs - Apparently, tattooing pigs is a HUGE thing. Seriously, 
      google it. Scary.

                                         Small Tribal on a Sphinx

                         Demon bat wings tattooed on both sides...sad!

                                                    Tattooed Pigs


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