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Friday, August 17, 2018

Allegations of Animal Abuse at a Pasco Dog Grooming Salon

Pasco, Washington - For the last month, there have been allegations of animal abuse at a Pasco dog grooming salon.

"This was a nightmare for our family," said victim Jane Doe. "We thought we were going to lose our dog... I just don't want this to happen to anybody else."

Often overwhelmed with emotion, this pet owner we're calling Jane Doe recounts the trauma she and her family went through after their beloved Schnauzer was groomed at Paw Spa.

As far back as June of 2016, investigators have pored over numerous complaints of animal abuse at the business. However, in the last few months, even more victims have come forward.

"Eyewitness statements this time, where we actually have people that came forward that have actually witnessed the events and are willing to testify to those events this time," said Angela Zilar, Director of the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter & Control Services.

With new evidence, animal control - along with the Pasco Police Department - have brought their information to prosecutors.

"The Pasco Police Department has received a complaint in regards to a local Pasco business that's been, where there's allegations of animal abuse, animal cruelty," said Sgt. Scott Warren with the Pasco Police Department. "It was assigned to an officer, it was investigated and it's been forwarded to the Franklin County Prosecutor's Office for review."

Paw Spa owner Michelle Burt denies the allegations against her business, saying they have measures in place to ensure both customer, pet and salon protection.

"As a grooming salon, we have incidents," Burt explained. "We've always been able to prove that the incident was not done on purpose because we've had it on camera. We've always sent the dog to the vet, taken care of the vet bill."

In Jane Doe's harrowing complaint, she details how her Schnauzer had to have its stomach drained of 16 ounces of fluid after witnesses say the dog was choked to the point of almost losing consciousness. She says her dog had multiple seizures, sending him straight to the ER.

Almost two years later, the memory of seeing her dog suffer still haunts her.

"We really, truly thought that we were going to lose our dog over a place he was for an hour," Jane Doe said. "So to me, it's kind of no different than dropping your kids off at daycare or at school, and something happening to them there, where you think it's a safe place for them to be."

Even though she wants to remain anonymous, Jane Doe still wanted to share her own experience.

"If anything else, I just, I just want people, I guess, to be aware, um, and if nothing happens, that would really make me sick to my stomach, to be honest."

As of today, the case is currently being reviewed by the Franklin County Prosecutor's Office. We'll continue to follow this case and provide updates.


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