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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Americans Spent $58 Billion on Their Pets in 2014

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Pets are a member of our family these days. They protect us, love us, make us happy, and love spending time with us. Not only this, but our pets love us unconditionally when it seems no one else does. This is why, according to a report by the Columbus Dispatch on March 6, Americans spent $58 billion on their pets in 2014. This not only includes buying pets but pampering their pets as well as making sure they are healthy and happy.

The $58 billion was spent on 397 million pets in this country alone.

So where did the money go? The money went on many different things to make peoples pets healthier and happier. Here is a rundown of what the money was actually spent on according to the American Pet Products Association.

The American Pet Products Association measured the money spent on five different areas for pets. These five different areas included $22 billion on food, $15 billion on vet care, $14 billion on supplies for pets which includes beds, bowls, collars, and over-the-counter medications to help prevent fleas, ticks, and colds. Also, $4.8 billion on other things for their pets and $2 billion on buying pets themselves.

Although vet care is included in this equation, according to the Mansfield News Journal, vet care was either unchanged from the year before or down just a little bit from the previous year. However, these expenses range from lifesaving to the exotic which means plastic surgery.

The ‘other’ category included grooming, walking, boarding, day care, training, not to mention trips to the spa. Yes, trips to the spa! People are spending more and more money on these things since the ‘other’ category is the one that increased the most since last year when it comes to spending money on pets.

People are spending more and more money on exotic things for their pets. However, there is another thing that people are spending more money on for their pets and that includes new types of food. This new type of food that people are now spending on their pets is as high grade as human food.

As well as people spending more on better tasting and more high quality food for their pets making this category increase in sales from the previous year but pet sales itself was down last year. This is actually a good thing because it means that people are no longer buying from puppy mills or at least not as many people are buying from puppy mills and the like. This is also good because it means the cracking down the Humane Society and other animal services did on these puppy mills is actually working.

How much money did you spend on your pet in 2014? How much money have you spent on your pet or pets this year already? Sound off with your comments in the comment section below and let everyone know how much you love your pets.


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