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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Have You Ever Owned a Betta Fish? They Are Truly Beautiful Fish!

Have you ever owned a betta fish? If you have then you know the beauty of this little fish! If you have not…Then you don’t know what you are missing!

Several years ago my husband came home from work and surprised me with a beautiful burgundy fish in a vase with a peace lily flower in it. After staring at it for several seconds, I asked where he had gotten it. He told me that a lady on his job was selling them and that he had previously ordered it for me.  She told him that I should keep it in the vase and that it would eat off of the roots.

I ended up getting my betta fish, who we named, fishy-fish, a one gallon aquarium and fed him flakes. He was so cute. He would come close to the glass when he saw us, and would wave his fins. He lived to be 2 years old.

Facts about betta fish:
  • They originate in the shallow waters in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and parts of China.
  • The water for keeping healthy bettas should be soft, warm, with a neutral to slightly acidic pH.
  • They thrive on heat, and will become increasingly listless when the water temperature falls below 75 degrees.
  • They are one of the most colorful and amusing breed of pet fish to have.
  • Betta fish can live for up to 5 years.
  • 90% of problems with bettas start from stress
  • Poor tank conditions make them sick live foods are best for the betta, however, they will adapt to eating flake foods, frozen and freeze dried foods.
  • Their digestive tract is built to digest meat, rather than vegetable material.
  • Their upturned mouth is designed to grab insects that have fallen into the water.
  • Water movement should be kept to a minimum, which means that power filters and powerheads are not suitable.
  • Only one male may be kept in each aquarium, unless they are separated by a barrier, they will fight.
  • They may be kept in a community tank as long as the water conditions are met, and there are no aggressive fish.
When it comes to owning a pet, most people prefer to start small. Some like to start with hamsters, fish in aquariums. Some people think that the smaller in the pet, the less work!