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Saturday, September 15, 2018

How To Be Your Pet Bird's Best Friend

Think about your best friend. What makes them that? Maybe it’s that you can always talk to them. They know when to be blunt, and when to give you space. They see you at your worst and encourage you to be your best. They’re always there for you, as you are always there for them.

That type of relationship is one you should have with your bird, especially as they get older. (Young parrots need a mentor-student relationship, so they learn how to live in our homes.) To develop a BBFF relationship with your bird, here are several things to do and consider.

Communication is Key
Having a best friend means you have someone you can share all your secrets with. You can do the same with your bird if you really want (they may only repeat their favorite words), but the point is that communication is important. Where this gets complicated is your bird can’t speak and tell us what they like, at least vocally.

Through body language, a parrot speaks volumes, and that’s how they chiefly communicate with us. We’re talking pining eyes, ruffled feathers, tail wags, etc. Each of those movements means different things, and it’s up to us to learn to “speak” parrot. If you don’t learn to understand parrot, the only conversations you’ll be having with your bird will be bites.

While learning body language (or how parrots speak to us), we also need to learn how to communicate with our parrots. Luckily, we can talk through training, where you tell your parrot what you would like it to do through cues. It’ll take some work to get the hang of positive reinforcement training, so do your research and don’t be afraid to reach out to people for guidance. It’ll help create a great relationship with your bird in the long run.

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