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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Some Facts to Consider Before Taking on the Responsibility of Being a Cat Owner

The only way to determine if a breed will be hard to manage is by looking at your own lifestyle and how much time you plan on training and playing with your cat. Certain cats need more attention and mental stimulation than others. Some breeds are more vocal than others and some breeds require a lot of maintenance. These are all factors to consider when taking on the responsibility of being a cat owner.

This is an energetic cat that can get into trouble when unsupervised. They are very inquisitive and climb on just about everything. They require a lot of attention from their owners because of their playful nature. So, if you’re the type of person who likes to come home and relax at night and read a book, this rambunctious breed might be too high octane for your lifestyle.

This man-made breed is as cross between the Siamese and the Burmese. While this breed can make a great pet, it requires a lot of patience. They have a lot of energy and need a lot of attention. They are adventurous and will jump onto things. If you own this cat it’s important that you inspect every part of your house to make it safe for your cat and it’s important not to have fragile objects that could easily be knocked down from a shelf or table. This cat will get into trouble if left alone or ignored for too long so unless you have time to play with your cat or have another cat to entertain them this might not be the best breed for you.

White Turkish Angora
This breed is one of the most vocal and while it may not be hard to groom it’s alpha male tendencies may make it hard to cuddle with. If you’re looking for a lap cat this is probably not the breed for you. They are rather independent but like to stay in the same room as humans. It might be hard to get them to be very affectionate as other breeds naturally are. This is a very old cat breed and many people do like to have this beautiful cat as a pet. In this instance, just keep in mind that they will probably not give you the affection that a dog would and you won’t be disappointed. They do shed in the summer months so brushing their coat is a necessary part of care to keep their coat from matting.

Turkish Van
This unique looking breed has a white body and a colored tail and forehead. They also have unique eyes, sometimes gold in color. They can be a difficult breed as they are one of the few who love water. They will play in water and try to turn on faucets. They love to jump up on things and attack like a wild cat. If you’re looking for a mellow and laid back pet, this is not the breed for you but if you can cat proof your home and want to be entertained, this ancient breed might just be suitable. They won’t shed too much beyond the seasonal shedding and will require some brushing with their longer coat.

This is a lovable cat but not the cat for you if you don’t have time for daily grooming. They have a lot of fur and if it’s not groomed it will develop painful mats. This is one of the most popular cat breeds but it is also one of the most high maintenance.

This cat was bred in very cold weather so it has a triple-layered fur coat. They will shed more than other breeds and require brushing about 3 times per week and if you don’t like hair in the house this might not be the breed for you. They need regular teeth brushing, ear cleaning, and eye wiping as well. They are highly energetic and acrobatic so if you have lots of fragile items in your house as a part of your decor, you may want a cat that is less inclined to launch from one high place to the next.

The Himalayan cat breed is another breed with a very high-maintenance grooming schedule as it is one of the few breeds that require daily brushing. Their fur will mat if it’s not taken care of so it’s important to seriously consider the time commitment required for this breed. 

They are sensitive to a dirty litter box and if you don’t keep it very clean they are likely to find another place to use the bathroom. They also need their eyes cleaned a lot because they tear. Finally, they will need regular teeth brushing and a monthly bath. They are beautiful but if you are already very busy, they are not the breed for you.

There are 2 reasons that this breed can be very difficult for pet owners: first, they are one of the most vocal breeds and require a lot of your attention. They are known to be demanding and will talk to you quite a bit; the second is that they are curious and adventurous so they will get into everything. They have so much energy and need to be played with so they don’t destroy the house. If you are enticed by their looks but not willing to commit to playing with your cat on a daily basis, this is not the breed for you.

This cat needs attention and even when you’re gone during the day they would like someone to play with. They can play with dogs well but will get into mischief if you ignore them. They also want to cuddle up with you while you sleep so they don’t get cold; so if you’re not wanting your cat to sleep in the bed, this is not a great breed for you.

Keep an open mind with these breeds and realize they can make great pets as long as you have time to give them. Some of these cat breeds make excellent therapy animals and companions so just take some time to consider what it is you’re looking for in a pet before choosing your breed. As always, to avoid health complications and expensive vet bills do your homework about the breeder before you take your kitty home.

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