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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Man Saves His Money: Buys an Ambulance to Care for Stray Dogs and Cats in His City

Some people go to great lengths to follow their passion. While this alone is incredible, it is even more amazing when that passion is helping out those in need. Take Balu for example: Balu wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his life, but he knew he wanted to help animals. To make his dream come true, he saved up his money for 10 years so that he could buy an ambulance and care for stray dogs and cats in his city.

Since he attained his goal of buying an ambulance, he has saved countless animals with broken legs, wounds, and other injuries obtained from living on the streets. He charges less than $5 to pet guardians and non-profit agencies for transporting and boarding. He is able to earn a little extra by charging 15 cents per mile when taking people’s pets to their vet visits. However, Balu isn’t just an ambulance driver, he also helps to care for sick cats and dogs in his home. When there is no room in the shelter, he takes the animals to his house or a care center so that they are given everything they need until they are adopted.

Balu says that he sometimes gets bullied for taking care of the dogs and cats that others believe should just be euthanized. However, Balu won’t give up on the helpless animals. “I decided that I’m not going to do anything else – whatever I do has to be with animals.”

Balu’s example shows that anyone can be a hero to animals, if you just care enough to help them. Want to help animals in your city? Check out your local shelter for volunteer opportunities. You can also help stray animals by pledging to always adopt, not shop when bringing a four-legged companion into your home.


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