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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Have You Seen the Animal Chairs of Maximo Riera?

When you’re designing your dream room, you may find yourself thinking about the one piece of furniture that will really make a statement.

And if making a seriously unforgettable statement is for you, then the animal chairs of Maximo Riera just might be for you. But don’t say we didn’t warn you! These things are intense.

Creating, or even making over, a piece of furniture is a serious project and takes a considerable amount of time, just like this conversion of a century-old sleigh.

And these amazing chairs are no different. Each one is custom-made using cutting-edge technology in a process that can take up to eleven weeks to produce just one.

But take a look at them and you’ll see why. While they might not be the perfect complement to your living room, you have to admit these are pretty fascinating.

Riera’s furniture is certainly not for every home, but there’s something undeniably captivating about it. The pieces are both playful and sinister, celebratory and solemn, and when you look at them, you can’t help but think of humans and their often damaging relationship towards the other animals on Earth. You can see more of Riera’s designs on his website  and Instagram, and if you know someone in the market for a new chair, you can always share this article with them — but you probably shouldn’t expect a giant toad to show up in their living room.

Riera creates these massive chairs that look like the bodies — or at least the partial bodies — of animals.

They are, to say the least, rather strange.

Each piece is manufactured to order, and on average, 480 hours are spent creating just one.

The chairs are made of a high-density polyurethane, which is very durable, and inside, each one has a metal frame for extra support.

What's more, no two are ever alike. The coding that determines their color is unique to each piece, so while the shapes will be the same, the color or color combination never will be.

So...with all this labor involved, why would anyone do this?

For Riera, this series is an homage to nature and the many forms it takes.

Riera took inspiration from each of the animals featured in the collection, using his own feelings about them, as well as cultural associations and scientific information.

Plenty of time and care was spent to create an accurate portrayal of the animals' unique characteristics, shapes, and textures.

They also make us think, uncomfortably, of trophy walls and taxidermy. They make us aware of the way humans that have exploited animals, and how we should be protecting and not damaging our planet.


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