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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Two Pink Chickens Found Running the Portland Waterfront: Owner Did it to Make People Smile

The owner of two pink chickens found running the Portland Waterfront, in Portland, Oregon, Bruce Whitman, says his prank succeeded beyond his wildest hopes.

He says, he used food coloring, beet juice and kool-aid,  to dye the two birds, then released them to "make people smile."

He tucked the chickens into a tree to roost early Thursday, in a waterfront park, figuring they'd wake to a good day with water nearby and bugs to eat, spread some smiles and he'd pick them up Thursday evening. He soon heard news reports that the birds had become poultry celebrities.

KATU News went to look for the chickens after a viewer emailed pictures of the brightly colored animals wandering along the waterfront.

"Pink chickens. Are they native to Portland?" one tourist joked.

No one knew where they came from or how long they had been there.

KATU News, called Multnomah County Animal Services. The county sent an officer to pick up the chickens to make sure they were safe while they tried to identify an owner.

They will remain with Animal Services for 72 hours, at which point they could be put up for adoption.

Animal Services billed Whitman about $16 per bird for their time in custody, and cautioned him about the risks of releasing birds in public places. He says he probably won't do it again — but he and the birds have now been invited to a couple of parades.

The county sent out the following statement concerning the popular pink birds:

One of our officers just rescued two pink chickens from the park on the waterfront. If you or someone you know lost two pink chickens, please contact us!



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