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Friday, March 6, 2015

Amtrak Carry-On Pet Pilot Program Extended

Dog with suitcase
If you're traveling on the Carl Sandburg and Illinois Zephyr, Trains 380, 381, 382 and 383 or the Illini and Saluki, Trains 390, 391, 392 and 393, you can now take your pet along. Amtrak is conducting a pilot program sponsored by the state of Illinois that will allow customers to take their small dogs or cats along with them on the train. Now that Rover can come over, we hope to see you and your pet onboard.

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Washington DC's Cat Café, Crumbs & Whiskers Kickstarter Launch - You're Invited to the Festivities - Sunday, March 8th (Rescheduled from March 1st)

So that pesky snowstorm postponed the Crumbs & Whiskers Kickstarter Launch Party, but fear not! It's rescheduled to THIS Sunday. RSVP MEOW and get in on the action at Penn Social.

What is Crumbs & Whiskers?

Cats. desserts. Tea. Cats. Books. Coffee. Cats.

...Did we mention Cats?!

Crumbs & Whiskers brings together some amazing things. Specifically coffee, tea, desserts, and you guessed it...cats! DC's cat cafe will serve as a foster home for the Washington Humane Society's shelter cats and as a really fun place to hang out for DC residents. The concept is pretty simple. Cats in cages are sad, so we get them out of there. Anyone without a cat is sad (or should be), so we hook them up. Then, we give everybody desserts and coffee and tea. The end.

What: Crumbs & Whiskers Kickstarter Launch

Date: Sunday, March 8, 2015

Time: 4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Penn Social
801 E St NW
Washington, DC 20004

For more information on this event, click here: Crumbs & Whiskers Kickstarter Launch


To learn how the Washington Humane Society is partnering with Crumbs & Whiskers, read my post:

Washington Humane Society - It's Official We're Partnering with Crumbs & Whiskers to Bring You DC's Own Cat Cafe

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Maryland SPCA - Meet, Iris, a Beautiful 1-Year-Old Wide-Eyed Girl Looking For Her Forever Home - Do You Have Room In Your Heart And In Your Home For Iris?

Picture of dog
Iris, a beautiful one-year-old pup has been at the Maryland SPCA since December. She wants to be part of a family so desperately! Do you have room in your heart and in your home for Iris?

This playful girl has a lot of wide-eyed puppy traits, but has become a great listener and champion sitter. She's a real snuggle-bug and will get cozy with both kids and dogs. Did we mention that her soulful eyes will touch your heart? Her adoption fee has been waived, and she's already spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.

We're not open today, but will be tomorrow. Help us make tomorrow adoption day for Iris.

This wiggly girl still has a lot of puppy traits, but in her time at the MD SPCA, Iris has become a great listener, and champion sitter. Iris is a snuggle-bug and will gladly get cozy under the covers with both kids and dogs.

Iris needs to go to a home without any cats. She loves kids and other dogs, but isn't fond of cats.

Stop by the MD SPCA to meet Iris.

Maryland SPCA
3300 Falls Rd,
Baltimore, Maryland 21211

To learn more about Maryland SPCA, click HERE!

Website: Maryland SPCA

Take a look at Iris' video:

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Busted by a Beagle at Logan…Again

Airport k-9
I was waiting for my suitcase at the baggage carousel at Logan International Airport’s Terminal E, having just returned from Iceland with my son and daughter.

From across the room, I spotted the beagle. He was heading in my direction.

I recognized him as an “agriculture canine” trained to sniff for prohibited foods that could be host to pests or diseases. Wearing a US Customs and Border Protection vest, the dog was sniffing his way through the crowd of passengers, his K-9 handler right behind him.

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Weasel Photographed Riding on a Woodpecker's Back

Weasel on bird
The photograph was taken at Hornchurch Country Park in east London on Monday afternoon.

Speaking to BBC News, Mr Le-May said he had managed to capture the moment while he was out walking with his wife Ann.

He said: "I heard a distressed squawking noise and feared the worst.

"I soon realised it was a woodpecker with some kind of small mammal on its back.

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Common Horse Health Problems

Woman and horse
You love your horse, so you no doubt want him to live a long and healthy life. To ensure this, you should become familiar with some of the common ailments that can affect horses. In addition, establish a relationship with a local equine vet as soon as you obtain your horse. Follow her advice on deworming and vaccinations—these will depend on your location because different diseases and parasites are more common in some areas than others. Lastly, observe your horse closely and learn what normal behavior is for him. Abnormal behavior may be your first clue that something is wrong. The sooner you detect a problem, the sooner you can take steps to fix it.

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Meet the Oldest Living Cat: Tiffany Two

Oldest living cat picture
The world’s oldest living cat, Tiffany Two, is turning 27 this March.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, her owner, Sharon Voorhees, named Tiffany Two in tribute to her previous tortoiseshell cat. Born on March 13, 1988 in San Diego, California, Tiffany Two’s many years are the equivalent of 125 human years.

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Bringing a New Bird Home - Preparing for a Pet Bird - Adopting a Bird

Picture of two canaries
So you are thinking about adopting a pet bird. Besides deciding which type of bird to get, there are many other considerations. How much of a commitment is this? Where will the bird live? Who will take care of a bird? What type of cost is involved? Should you get one bird or a pair?

Use this guide for tips on how to adopt a bird and what to expect once it is home.

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