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Friday, September 30, 2016

Here's How You Can Help Victims Of Montreal's Pit Bull Ban

Montreal just put hundreds of shelter dogs on notice: Get out of the city now or get put down.

The Canadian city's new law, which was passed on Tuesday, is a terrifying ultimatum for animals whose only crime is being born a pit bull — loosely defined as American Staffordshire terriers, Staffordshire bull terriers, American pit bull terriers or any mix of these breeds.

Since the story broke, hundreds of individuals and rescue groups across Canada and the U.S. have been asking the same question:

How can we help?

It turns out there are a lot of ways to save these dogs. But not a lot of time. By October 3, just days from now, the legislation will prevent any pit bull from being adopted from the city's shelters.

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Montreal Just Delivered A Death Sentence To Thousands Of Dogs

City councilors in Montreal just signed a death warrant for thousands of dogs in the Canadian city.

At a council meeting on Tuesday afternoon, legislators voted in 37 to 23 favor of breed-specific legislation, effectively outlawing any dog that resembles a pit bull — unless owners meet a strict set of conditions.

"I have a responsibility as the mayor of Montreal to protect the citizens," Mayor Denis Coderre told reporters after the vote.

But pit bull-type dogs currently in city shelters need not apply. Under the ban — which loosely covers American pit bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers and Staffordshire bull terriers — no dog considered a pit bull can be adopted from Montreal shelters.

"For dogs that don't have an 'owner' on the day of the passing of the legislation, the way the legislation is drafted, the dogs have to be euthanized," Alanna Devine, of the Montreal SPCA, told The Dodo last week.

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

After Seeing a Video of a Blind Bulldog, One Couple Drove Across the Country to Get Their Own Blind Dog a New Brother

Ago just got a new lease on life and a new brother to go with it! After seeing a video of a blind Bulldog, one couple drove across the country to get their own blind dog a new brother.

Ago, who was originally named Batty, got a rough start in life. Born with a rare birth defect in both of his eyes that made him blind, Ago was eventually left at the Sacramento SPCA covered in ulcers and feces when he was just a pup. Because of the condition he was in, the shelter’s staff believes Batty was a part of a litter of backyard bred dogs. The staff believe Ago’s parents are related and that caused Ago’s blindness.

You see, their own dog Soto is also blind. So they already had experience dealing with a blind dog and thought it would be great if Soto could have a blind brother. Krauss and Weyers had been looking to adopt a Bulldog. And as soon as they saw Ago, they knew they had to get him.

“We knew we wanted to rescue a Bulldog. We hadn’t found one that was the right fit,” Kraus explained. “Then I saw this Bulldog. And lo and behold we have such experience with this condition.”

That’s where Cassidy Kraus and her boyfriend Brett Weyers came in. As soon as they saw a video of the 4-month-old pup online, they knew he had to be a part of their family. “I just had to have this puppy,” Krauss told Inside Edition.

Kraus and Weyers have trained Soto using word commands. They can tell Soto if he needs to step down from a curb or up a step. And they planned on training Ago the same way.

The problem? Kraus and Weyers live all the way in Wisconsin. They applied to adopt Ago from the SPCA in Sacramento, but Krauss told Inside Edition, “I really didn’t think much would come of it because it was so far away.”

Fortunately, Kraus and Weyers were accepted. So they packed up Soto and drove across the country to see if Soto and Ago would get along. And of course they did. Soto was so excited to meet Ago, he ran into a pole!

Weyers, Kraus, Soto and his new brother drove the 32 hours back home to Wisconsin. Now Ago has been busy settling into his new life with his family: figuring out the elevator and learning when Soto’s had enough of Ago’s puppy energy. But while Ago may have a little adjusting to do, they’ve become a happy family.

If you’re interested in helping dogs like Ago, please consider donating to the Sacramento SPCA.


Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan Visits Chicago Braves Deep Dish Pizza

As if a father-son road trip wasn't adventurous enough. Imagine travelling with two pugs, a pomeranian and a pit bull in an RV.

"Dog whisperer" Cesar Millan and his 22-year-old son Andre are touring the country while filming their new Nat Geo Wild series "Cesar Millan's Dog Nation." The duo arrived in Chicago last week and plan to leave the city Wednesday after stops at Calumet Park for the Southeast Chicago Dog Fest; Michigan Avenue for window shopping; and Giordano's for a slice of deep dish pizza, despite the elder Millan's lack of cheese tolerance.

Along the way, the longtime dog behaviorist and his son shared tips with the Southeast Chicago Dog Park Committee about building a successful dog park and 20somethings about adopting their first dog.

"I want Andre to come in and teach the youth about prevention, what it means to be a responsible dog owner," Cesar Millan said during his visit to Tribune Tower last week.

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US Doctor, Ming Te Lin Accused of Making Vaccines for Children From Cat Saliva and Vodka

Regulators have suspended the license of a doctor in Chicago who allegedly gave patients modified vaccinations containing cat saliva and vodka. 

The Illinois department of financial and professional regulation ordered the emergency action in the interest of public safety, according to paperwork signed by acting director Jessica Baer.

After hearing complaints from health care providers that children were getting unapproved oral versions of childhood shots from Dr. Ming Te Lin, investigators visited Lin’s practice.

They found a cluttered, unsterile office and “a box filled with vials and tubes that [Lin] was using to make his own vaccinations.”

Lin told investigators he had been preparing alternative vaccinations for children for more than a decade, according to the order.

Despite his unapproved methods, Lin is accused of signing state forms certifying he had given pediatric patients their conventional shots. Charts showed the patients who received unapproved oral vaccines included a seven-day-old infant.

A phone message and email seeking comment from Lin on the allegations were not immediately returned.

Lin added alcohol and sometimes cat saliva gathered with a swab from a cat’s mouth for patients with allergies, he told investigators, and he used a device called the “WaveFront 2000” to detoxify vaccinations from mercury.

Lin gave vaccines orally or in a nasal form if the patient or a family member had a history of autism, eczema or neurological disorder.

None of Lin’s methods is approved by the Food and Drug Administration or regarded as legitimate medicine. He didn’t inform his patients of the risks of failing to follow vaccine guidelines, the state’s paperwork says.

A hearing before the Medical Disciplinary Board is set for 11 October in Chicago.


Celebrate National Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month at the Washington Humane Society-Washington Animal Rescue League

Washington Humane Society-Washington Animal Rescue League’s top five reasons to adopt a shelter dog:

1.    There are GREAT dogs at our adoptions centers
We have wonderful dogs available for adoption, all shapes, sizes, and breed mixes.  The dogs you find at our adoptions centers are simply unlucky.  Usually, for circumstances beyond their control, they have found their way to our shelters and are simply looking for a new home. 

2.    Adopting a Dog from us is cost effective!
When you adopt a dog from the Washington Humane Society-Washington Animal Rescue League, they will have already been spayed/neutered, received any needed vaccinations and will have been microchipped – all for the low price of an adoption.  Our adoption fees for dogs range from $250 for puppies (under six months), $200 for young dogs (six months – six years), $100 for “middle aged” dogs (seven years – nine years) and $50 for a dog 10 years or older.

3.    It’s Cool to Adopt
Take it from us, it’s a great feeling to proudly state:  “I Adopted a Shelter Dog.” 

4.    It’s Easy!!
We do our best to make sure that our potential adopters are matched up with dogs that fit their lifestyle and you must go through our application process.  But it’s not difficult or too time consuming.  We want you to find a companion animal.  Come see us!!!

5.    You Will Save a Dog’s Life
By Adopting a Shelter Dog from one of our adoptions centers, you’ll make room for one more dog to be rescued by our organization.  We transport dogs from shelters throughout the region and also from overcrowded rural shelters.  The more we adopt here in Washington, DC, the more we can save!

About Washington Animal Rescue League/Washington Humane Society (WARL-WHS)
The Washington Humane Society -Washington Animal Rescue League combined organization cares for more than 60,000 animals annually. The broad range of programs offered include: rescue and adoption, humane law enforcement, low-cost veterinary services, animal care & control, behavior and training, spay-neuter services, humane education, and many others.  Operating four animal-care facilities in Washington, D.C., the organization occupies a significant footprint in the District, and serves as a resource to current pet guardians and prospective adopters across the region. 

My handsome model is Buzz Lightyear, he is available for adoption!

Buzz Lightyear here! I'm an active 1 year old that was actually adopted from WHS about a month ago, but my new owner came down with severe dog allergies, so now I'm back! Now I'm hoping to find a new home with people that aren't going to sneeze every time I walk into the room. I get very excited around kids and other dogs and my previous owner said that I played excellently when she took me to the dog park. I have energy to burn, so I will definitely need an owner that is looking for more of a running buddy than a couch potato. I LOVE peanut butter and am very motivated by treats. I'm already learning "sit" and "lie down" and will usually do either for a treat, but I'm still learning. If you think I could be the pup for you, swing on by the shelter to meet me! You won't regret it!

To learn more about Buzz Lightyear, click HERE:

Animal ID: 33259320 
Species: Dog 
Age:1 year 1 month 9 days 
Sex: Male 
Color: Brown/Black 
Declawed: No 
Site: Oglethorpe Street 

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Maryland SPCA Fundraiser: Spend $10 at Chipotle Mexican Grill on Thursday, September 29 and MDSPCA Receives $5 the Cost to Provide Medicine for One Sick Pet

Tomorrow is our statewide Chipotle Mexican Grill fundraiser—every Chipotle in Maryland is donating 50% of their sales back to the Maryland SPCA!

Here's how to help the cause: 
1.  Eat at any Maryland Chipotle restaurant on Thursday, September 29, during their opening hours of 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

2.  EAT IN: Mention that you are supporting the Maryland SPCA when placing your order.

CARRY OUT: If ordering online, mention that you are supporting the Maryland SPCA in the special instructions box.

3.  Bring your friends, family or coworkers to Chipotle

4.  Share our Chipotle Facebook event - and indicate that you are "going"

5.  Print Chipotle flyer and place on office bulletin

6.  Take a picture of your meal from Chipotle and share the event details on Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms

Help us make Cause an Effect - Chipotle Fundraiser for the Maryland SPCA a HUGE success for homeless animals!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Secondhand Hounds Give Sick Dogs the Comfort and Care They Need to Live Out Their Last Days with Dignity

Some dogs enter the shelter system happy and healthy. Others have serious medical problems that make it more difficult for them to find homes. When a dog has a terminal illness, the volunteers at Secondhand Hounds’ hospice program are there to help. They give sick dogs the comfort and care they need to live out their last days with dignity.

Secondhand Hounds is an animal shelter based out of the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. It does what a lot of other animal shelters do: find forever homes for dogs and other companion critters. What makes Secondhand Hounds truly special, however, is its hospice program. Volunteers at the nonprofit take in very sick dogs — and a handful of cats — and provide them with love and care.

Secondhand Hounds was founded in 2009, and as of 2016, it has saved over 10,000 animals. The hospice program began in 2015, and around 20 dogs receive care through it at any one time. Volunteers look after the animals in their own homes, while the shelter provides financial support and medical care.

Secondhand Hounds’ hospice program doesn’t try to stave off the inevitable, but it provides solace and love for creatures that might otherwise suffer. Pets with chronic illnesses are more difficult to place, and when the illness is terminal, they may otherwise wind up spending their last moments alone in a shelter. By giving these critters care at home, the quality of their lives improves drastically.

For example, Carol Marple’s furry friend, Bella Boo, arrived at the shelter in April 2015. Bella Boo wasn’t expected to stay for long, but as of July 2016, she is still alive and kicking. In an interview with the Star Tribune, Marple stated, “She seems to know that she’s safe, and she’s enjoying life.” 

Sheridan is another example of a terminally ill dog who benefited from the love and care of friendly humans. When Sheridan came down with canine osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer, Sheridan’s humans decided to give him the time of his life. They took him out on epic adventures, ensuring he would live out the rest of his life as happily as could be. You can hear all about it in this post celebrating his epic last days.