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Monday, July 9, 2018

The Former Laguna Beach and The Hills Star, Kristin Cavallari Has Irked Vegans and Animal Rights Activists

Kristin Cavallari’s not likely to win over the vegan community anytime soon.

The former Laguna Beach and The Hills star irked vegans and animal rights activists in May when she posted a photo of herself clutching her pet chicken, joking that her feathered friend was a “pet today, dinner tomorrow.”

Several commenters slammed Cavallari’s suggestion that she might eat the chicken, accusing her of practicing “animal cruelty” and having a “lack of empathy and compassion for other beings.”

Now, the reality star, whose new show, Very Cavallari, premiered Sunday night — is once again ruffling feathers by teasing vegans in a new Instagram post. The 31-year-old mom of three is pictured on her farm with a rather restless-looking goat in her arms.

“The vegans will say she’s trying to get away because of my chicken comment,” she joked in the photo’s caption, adding a laughing emoji.

Vegans, however, weren’t laughing.

“Wow, girl, you think that chicken comment of yours was funny?” fired back one commenter. “Please do some research on veganism and maybe you’ll understand why we don’t take your ‘animal jokes’ lightly.”

“The issue with this post is the flippant, arrogant, uneducated, ignorant, non-compassionate connotation behind the caption, a notion to make ‘fun’ of not only a VERY LARGE group of people — but to also make light of all the horrors that go into the meat industry,” another commenter explained. “It’s sickening. It’s so sad really.”

“I can’t believe how ignorant someone can be in 2018,” one critic wrote. “I thought she’d changed some since The Hills but she’s still totally vapid and rude. Vegans make up more of the population than she obviously knows about! It’s like making a joke about Muslims not eating pork or Jews not eating shellfish. Sorry, some people care about other living things not dying for your enjoyment. I’m unfollowing!”

“Wow, I totally looked up to you growing up and as a vegan this hurts,” a fan added. 

“What an uneducated, ignorant, and heartless thing to joke about,” another critic replied. “One day you’ll make the connection and realize how disgusting comments like this are — whether it’s in this life or the next.”

Other Cavallari fans thought the backlash was unwarranted.

“I personally thought the chicken statement was hilarious; it’s natural as we are carnivores,” read one comment. “Stop trying to change people and concentrate on yourselves and your own decisions. We don’t have to be over the top and preach everything we do, which is unfortunately the way a lot of people in society live these days. I’m a meat eater and couldn’t care less how much of the population eat meat, etc., and don’t force vegans to change their life choices, I think you all need to calm yourselves down and just live your life!”

“Meat. It goes a body good,” cracked another fan.

“I’m a vegan and I find this and the chicken post hilarious,” a supporter added. “Calm down, people. Trolling on Instagram only makes you look like a stereotype and ridiculous.”

Will the uproar cause Cavallari to lay off the vegan jokes? Or are people taking her captions far too seriously?


Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Family in Laguna Beach Says a Coyote Attacked Their Dog in Their Home

Los Angeles, California - A family in Laguna Beach says a coyote attacked their dog in their home.

Dog owner John Fischer says the coyote must've ran up the steps in his front yard to get inside his house and snatch his Chihuahua.

Fischer says when he heard the commotion in the middle of the night, he hurried down the hall and was stunned at what he saw.

"I saw him [the coyote] bolt and he definitely had something in his mouth, and it was white," Fischer told CBS Los Angeles.

The Fischer family's little white chihuahua Eloise was gone.

Surprisingly, this is not an uncommon story in the Laguna Beach area.

In the past, police have warned Laguna Beach residents to keep their small pets inside, after a series of small dogs were attacked by coyotes.

No matter what, Fischer says, pets in his neighborhood are getting attacked on a weekly basis and he is demanding the city step in to help.

"I'd hope that they'd be removed safely, but taken to where they belong," Fischer said.

"It's like two worlds colliding and it's just not working," he added.

Fischer says he will now keep his doors closed at all hours of the day, and is warning other residents to do the same.

We tried talking to animal services, but no one was available.

"We feel victimized at this point and it's to where I don't feel safe in my own house," Fischer said.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Pacific Marine Mammal Center Receives $10K Donation to Help Sick Sea Lions

Laguna Beach, Calif. (KABC) -- Staff at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach released a sea lion, named Holly, back into the ocean after taking care of her for more than a month.

Holly was found in December on a beach in Corona Del Mar. She was dehydrated, emaciated and had parasitic infestations.

But now she is 81 pounds heavier and was able to go back home. Now the focus is on 25 other sick sea lions at the center. The staff said this time last year there were only four sick sea lions needing care.

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