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Thursday, October 8, 2020

It’s a Boy!

Smithsonian’s National Zoo’s Giant Panda Cub Is Male

The Smithsonian’s National Zoo’s 6-week-old giant panda cub is a male, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (SCBI) scientists confirmed. During the cub’s first veterinary exam Sept. 19, Zoo veterinarians obtained a swab from his cheek for DNA analysis. Outwardly, male and female cubs appear similar at birth, so a genetic test was the most accurate way to determine the cub’s sex. Veterinarians brought the swab to SCBI’s Center for Conservation Genomics, where scientists sequenced a short fragment of the zinc finger protein gene. The X and Y chromosomes both have this gene, with slightly different DNA sequences. Scientists determined that the swab sample taken by the Zoo’s veterinarians has both sequences present—confirming that the cub is male. A painting created by male giant panda Tian Tian (tee-YEN tee-YEN), the cub’s father, was used to reveal the sex of the cub to giant panda keepers and fans online.

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