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Friday, November 9, 2018

The Irish Setter

The American Kennel Club (AKC) says, that the Irish Setter is one of the most distinctive sporting breeds.  The mahogany red Irish Setter is an active, aristocratic bird dog. That was originally bred to be red and white. The solid red color appeared in Ireland the 19th century and became a mark of quality and superior sporting ability. Standing over two feet tall at the shoulder, the Irish is known for his style, powerful movement and clown-like personality.

Facts about the Irish Setter:

1. One of the Irish Setter's most distinguishing characteristics is their flowing, shiny coat. While most all long haired breeds are prone to tangling or matting at least once in a while, for whatever reason it seems to be a much more prevalent problem for the Irish Setter. The Irish Setter needs to be brushed, and combed twice a week and trimmed every three months.

2. The Irish Setter gets along well with children, other dogs, and any household pets, and will enthusiastically greet visitors. However, even though they do well with household pets, small animals may pose a problem for this breed, as they are a hunting breed. Some Irish setters may have problems with cats in the house, and may be too rambunctious with small children.

3. Irish Setters are also widely used as therapy dogs in schools and hospitals. Therapy dogs are permitted in hospitals that allow service dogs and can visit patients on the assigned floors.

4. Caution: This breed can be reckless if they do not receive the proper exercise, and may be destructive.

5. The American Society for the Prevention of Curelty to Animals (ASPCA) says, that this breed tends to bloat. You should feed 2 to 3 meals a day instead of one big one.

6. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals(ASPCA) also says, that the Irish Setter is prone to blindness.

7. These dogs are not recommended for apartment living.  They do best in a big yard.

8. Irish Setters life expectancy tends to be around 12 to 15 years.

9. It is important to obtain an Irish Setter from reputable breeder.

10. They must be allowed to run free in a secured area every day.


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