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Monday, July 30, 2018

Pet Owner Fights Off Two Coyotes Attacking His Dog

Greenfield, WI - Scott Schach, like many homeowners, had spied coyotes around his home a few times over the years. The dog-like predators can be jarring to see wandering around your yard, but they also tend to keep to themselves.

That’s not what happened this time, when Schach found himself locked in a battle with two coyotes who attacked his dog Princess on his own property in Greenfield, Wisc., The Journal Sentinel reported.

“At first, I didn’t even know that it was coyotes. I just heard the ruckus,” he told WISN.

Then he said he realized what was going on: Two coyotes had descended on his 90-pound German shepherd, Princess — and Princess was in trouble, the station reported.

Schach plunged right into the fray. He kicked and punched at the coyotes, but they were caught up in the frenzy and didn’t flinch. He tried something else.

“Somehow I got a hold of one of their tails, turned around (and) she bit my arm, got a hold of her leg and I just flung her, just gave her a fling, she bounced off my pickup truck, went up the front windshield into the night and that’s the last I saw of that one,” he told CBS 58.

Princess hadn’t been able to take both of them, but with only one left, she got the upper hand. Schach told WISN he turned to find Princess pinning the other coyote down as it whined and yipped at her. He told her to let it go.

“She let go and sat down, and the other one took off up the driveway, up the road,” he told the station.

That was the last he saw of either coyote. Police said the dog came away with no injuries and the fight only lasted about half-a-minute, the Journal-Sentinel reported.

“I was just scared. I was scared for her. I had a buddy of mine up in Greendale that lost a dog a couple of years ago to coyotes. And I was just worried about her being all bit up and such,” Schach told CBS 58.

Schach told WISN the bite he got during the scuffle didn’t actually break any skin, and that he comes out with a baseball bat these days just in case.

The Humane Society says coyotes have become used to humans because it is easy to find food around populated areas. But if you see “brazen” coyotes wandering fearlessly through your yard, you should take some precautions and encourage them to move along.

The best method is to haze them repeatedly, according to the Humane Society. That means yelling at them, chasing them away, throwing small rubber balls or cans at them, or spraying them with water. Eventually, they will learn they are not welcome in that area.