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Friday, November 7, 2014

Seeing Eye Dog and Her Blind Friend Hope to Find a Home with Room

Dog leading blind dog on leash
Buster may night be able to see, but his beloved companion, Molly, is there to help him navigate the world. Now this dynamic duo - who are currently at the Noah Center in Stanwood, Washington - are hoping to find a home with room for two.

KOMO 4 News reported today that Buster and Molly found themselves at an animal shelter after they had been dumped. Fortunately for this bonded pair of dogs, NOAH 's staff saw them and took them in.

When NOAH took in the two dogs, staff members could tell that the dogs were different, but they weren't sure why. Eight-year-old Molly the beagle and beagle mix Buster were very closely bonded - and soon staff saw why: Buster couldn't see - and Molly is his seeing eye dog.

"Molly is a seeing eye dog, so for her brother she helps to make sure he doesn't get into situations that could be dangerous for him," stated Lani Kurtz, NOAH's adoption director.

Molly uses her body to guide Buster around - and NOAH is determined that the two dogs find a home together. While their first adoption didn't work out, staff remain hopeful for this canine couple.

NOAH's website described this canine couple:

Molly and Buster came to us from Chehalis, Washington as a couple of goofy and energetic beagles that have so much love and appreciation for life; a pair of friends we could all learn a lesson from. We knew that the two had an immense love for one another, but what we grew to find out was that Buster needed Molly for more than just a companion. Buster is blind, you see, and Molly is his eyes.

The two are a remarkable pair, Buster following Molly's lead around the property here at NOAH. The two couldn't be more friendly towards each other or towards us humans. Because the need for Molly is so high for Buster, the two must go together, but who would want to split them up? They are no longer spring chickens, and don't have a fondness for children, so a home without kids would be best.

Stop by The NOAH Center today and meet these two dogs; they will teach you a little something about the companionship of dog, and the love for others.

Kurtz added: "They have to go together. Buster needs Molly. We will keep them until we find that perfect place for them."

Can you offer a home to Buster and Molly? Their adoption fee is $200 for both of them - and on Mondays, there's a $50 discount for senior dogs.

To learn more about the NOAH Center and the work that they do, visit their Facebook page HERE  and their website here and their adopt a dog section HERE. FOLLOW US!

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