The Pet Tree House - Where Pets Are Family Too : 'Bait Dog' Lucky To Be Alive: 3-Month-Old Faces Tough Recovery The Pet Tree House - Where Pets Are Family Too : 'Bait Dog' Lucky To Be Alive: 3-Month-Old Faces Tough Recovery

Saturday, October 18, 2014

'Bait Dog' Lucky To Be Alive: 3-Month-Old Faces Tough Recovery

It is a miracle this puppy is still alive.

Veterinarians suspect he was used as a "bait dog" for dog fighting, because of the severity of his injuries to his head and neck.

Fortunately Home at Last Dog Rescue saved this little guy from a Philadelphia high kill shelter where he'd been dropped off.

The puppy was rushed to a Norristown Veterinary hospital, where it was touch and go with the dog clinging to life.

It's hard to believe anyone could hurt this sweet little puppy. At just 3-months old, he's got a face that melts your heart.

"It's amazing that he's alive. The injuries to the top of his head have taken the muscle off all the way down to his skull so his skull is visible right now," said Dr. Tim Schwab of VMD Metropolitan Veterinary Associates.

His wounds are too graphic to show, the bandages hiding the horror of dog fighting.

Surgeon Tim Schwab suspects he was used as a bait dog.

"He was attacked by a dog that could open his mouth at least this wide because it looks to be one major bite if not two in the same area, so it was definitely a big dog with a lot of jaw power," said Schwab.

Chrissy Cutulli of Home at Last Dog Rescue is part of the team that saved this pup from a high kill shelter, Sunday night. The dog was near death.

"It was a hard 24 hours to know what was gonna happen," said Chrissy, "He's probably the worst case we've ever seen."

Chrissy is fostering the puppy, who they've name Max, until he is well enough to be adopted.

Sadly that could take months and multiple surgeries.

"It breaks my heart. Totally breaks my heart to see him in that much pain and that he's you know only three months old, somebody could do that to him." Said Chrissy.

This dog lover and life saver, brings Max to the vet every day to have his bandages changed and his meds checked, so his wounds can continue to heal.

"It's a labor of love," said Chrissy.

And the payoff is priceless for all those involved in giving this little guy a second chance at life.

"I see him being a happy family dog," she said.

"He's a beautiful dog and he has a great personality. I mean to have such severe wounds," said Schwab, "He is just happy and sits and wags his tail, licks your face, and is just happy to be alive."

Max's medical expenses are expected to run well over $10,000

Home at Last Dog Rescue, is completely volunteer and runs totally on donations.

The rescue has set up a go fund me account to cover max's veterinary care. If you would like to help out, or get involved with the organization visit the links below.!/maxhomeatlastdogrescue

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