The Pet Tree House - Where Pets Are Family Too : I Saved a 2-Year-Old Blue Pit Bull - Can You Help Me Find Her a Forever Home? The Pet Tree House - Where Pets Are Family Too : I Saved a 2-Year-Old Blue Pit Bull - Can You Help Me Find Her a Forever Home?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I Saved a 2-Year-Old Blue Pit Bull - Can You Help Me Find Her a Forever Home?

I want to first thank you for being loyal followers of The Pet Tree House. As you know my blog covers all areas from pet care to pet adoptions.

As my readers, I am asking for your help. My husband and I saved the life of a 2-year-old Blue Pit Bull, and now she needs a forever home.

Here is our story:

On Friday, June 13, 2014, I was sitting in my home watching a movie. I don't know why but for some reason I got up and looked out of the front door. It was close to 4:00 p.m., and the sun is always hot on the front of my home that time of day. I never go out my front door unless I am going somewhere. I am usually in the backyard playing with my little rescue, Jonas, a Yorkie/Shih-Tzu mix.

As I stepped out onto my front porch, I saw something moving slowly on the grassy area of the apartment complex adjacent to my home. I didn't know it was a dog a first because she was couched so low to the ground. When I realized it was a dog, I ran in the house and called the Prince George's County Animal Shelter, and got my husband.

When we got outside, she had crawled into the street. We kept our distance but were close enough to see that she looked to have rash on her skin, and her belly was very red. We knew not to approach and injured animal.

My husband immediately started directing traffic entering the complex around her. She stared directly in my face, she had the saddest eyes. I comforted her, telling her that someone was coming. Then she laid her head down on the ground…my heart fell, I felt so helpless. I said a prayer asking God to please let this baby hang on until help got here, I just kept talking to her.

It was a very hot day, and we had a hard rain the day before. I told my husband that she probably was out in the rain, the day before.

Within a half an hour, I saw a white van approaching that I recognized as being the Prince George's County Animal Rescue Van. I began waving, as she pulled up. I retreated to my front porch to allow her to do her job, which she did very well. As she opened the door to the van, I heard her say, "oh, you're going to stand for me, good dog?" She had no problem getting her into the van. I thanked her for coming. As she drove away, I looked up and said thank you God.

The next day, I called the animal shelter to check on her and found out that she was doing okay, but hadn't seen the vet yet. I asked what would happen to her now, and was told that she would need to be placed with a rescue before adoption.

Hi, my name is Fancy, and I am looking for a forever home. If you have room in your in heart and in your home for me, please contact the Prince George's County Animal Shelter.

We can not adopt her because we live in Prince George's County Maryland, and it is illegal to own pit bulls here. I suspect someone was hiding her.

I called back today to check on her and found out that the staff has named her "Fancy", she possibly has mange, and is responding very well to treatment. She will be evaluated in 7 days, and then will need to be picked up by a rescue before she can be adopted.

I was able go to the shelter's website to get this picture of her. I could not believe how good she looked. She was looking really bad when I saw her lying in the street.

I have a special connection to Fancy, and I am asking you to please share her to help get her a loving forever home.

If you are interested in adopting her, you will need to check with the shelter to get the information for the rescue.

Prince George's County Animal Management
3750 Brown Station Rd
Upper Marlboro, Maryland
(301) 780-7201 (The adoption center does not open until 12:00 p.m.)

Name: Fancy
ID #A407542
Age: 2
Breed: Female Pit Bull Mix
Color: Blue

I will keep you updated on Fancy, and of course, let you know when she is adopted!

Thank you for sharing!

Please Share Fancy!