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Friday, October 20, 2017

Some People Decided to Show How Animals Enhance Their Lives by Getting Animal Tattoos

Is seeing an animal you adore sure to put a smile on your face? Some people decided to show how animals enhance their lives by getting tattoos to elicit that very response with every glance! Take a look at  how a few creative animal enthusiasts took permanent steps to share their appreciation for animals with the world.

Panda Tattoo
Many people don’t know that pandas used to roam all across China millions of years ago. Now, they primarily live in the mountain ranges of central China – which is an interesting fact that you can share with people when they see your adorable panda tattoo!

Kitty Reaching for the Stars Tattoo
Cat owners know that felines are forever curious. This enthralling tattoo perfectly represents the mentality of a feline, showcasing a cute cat reaching for the stars!

Snake Tattoo
It isn’t always the first creature people feel affection for, but there’s a sizeable amount of the population who greatly enjoys the sinuous beauty and stubborn survivalist nature of the snake. This brave woman decided to show her love for this animal with a subtle hand tattoo.

Bear Tattoo
It’s important to bear in mind that those of the ursine lineage are capable of quiet grace and beauty. Though the cute and often clumsy idea of a bear is common in everything from cartoons to wood carvings, a stunning tattoo like this captures the wild elegance in their hearts.

Deer Tattoo
Deer lovers are sure to fawn over the beauty of this tattoo. It’s appropriate that this tattoo was placed on the ankle, as deer are fond of running and jumping around!

Sometimes Subtlety is the Best Option
Not everyone wants to get a prominent tattoo that’s easily seen. A compact tattoo, such as a baby scorpion behind your ear, is an excellent way to represent an animal that you care about without drawing a lot of attention.

Love for the Sea
Maybe your favorite creature resides in the water! If so, you may want to ink your skin with a colorful representation of one of the most popular residents of the ocean – like this fanciful crab!

Eye of the Tiger
The tiger is a stunning animal – and one under threat from habitat loss and poaching. So a tattoo as beautiful as this one is not only a great conversation-starter, it may lead to another great conversation as well.

Family of Elephants

Whether sweet, silly, or captivating, an animal tattoo can be a fun and creative way to show your appreciation for the creatures that inspire us every day. If you’re getting a tattoo, consider going a little wild with it. It’s a great way to share your fascination, and could even start a dialogue that raises awareness about protecting the species you love!


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