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Friday, September 16, 2016

Washington, DC - This is Sazzy, She's Had a Horrendous Start in Life, And Is Now Raising Money to Help Other Animals – Read Her Story, and Donate if You Can

I want to tell you about a special friend of mine. Her name is Sazzy. Since the summer of 2015, Sazzy has been living with her foster mom, Lisa LaFontaine, CEO and President at Washington Humane Society-Washington Animal Rescue League. She's had a horrendous start in life, and is now raising money to help other animals 

Please read Sazzy’s story, told by her foster mom:

My pretty little lady came into our lives about a year ago, when we took her home in the summer of 2015 to provide foster care. Sazzy had was covered with infected puncture wounds, the result of a dog attack in her former home. Even worse, her jaw was shattered, most likely from being kicked in the face. Although we tried many medical interventions, ultimately she lost a good portion of her mandible.

That didn't stop her; in fact, we decided to adopt her the day we took her home from Friendship Hospital for Animals, because she kissed every person on her way out of the lobby. Who wouldn't want to have such spirit in their lives on a daily basis!

Over the past year we've learned a lot about each other. She is my sidekick and comes to work with me at WHS/WARL on most days that I am based in an office. Sazzy graduated from eating hand-fed meatballs to doing everything a fully-mouthed dog can do. She gives sideways kisses, and she is a sloppy eater, but none of that matters because she exudes love and joy and curiosity.

We are raising money this year to give back to other animals who, like her, had a rough start - but carry sunshine in their souls. When I have a rough day Sazzy fills my heart with joy and inspires me to go out and do all I can to help other animals. Any gift you can give would be appreciated!

People say that Sazzy is lucky to have found us and while that is true, I see us as the lucky ones. I have infinitely more smiles and laughs than I had before she came into my life. She brings more love into our home. What more can you ask for when you adopt!

Sazzy is grateful for every new day, and I will be grateful for any gift you can give to honor my sweet, special girl.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Lisa (and Sazzy)

If you would like to make a donation to help Sazzy raise money to help other unfortunate animals, click on the donate button below, no amount is too small.

The Washington Humane Society/Washington Animal Rescue is in the home stretch of fund raising for their Walk for the Animals - Barktoberfest, which will be held on the Capitol Riverfront this Sunday at 11:00 am. 

For more information on the Barkoberfest to be held this coming Sunday, September 18th, please read the post below:

REMINDER: Washington Humane Society/Washington Animal Rescue League: DC Walk for the Animals - September 18th  -  Fun, Food and Entertainment

Thank you from The Pet Tree House to all who have donated.

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