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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Triple R Horse Rescue in Arizona: We Will Have 20 Adorable Miniature Donkeys Available for Adoption

There are 20 miniature donkeys in need of forever homes.

Triple R Horse Rescue in Arizona announced it will be receiving a shipment of the adorable animals -- and are anxious to find families and animal lovers to step up and adopt.

More than 160 of the donkeys wound up at a Texas rescue after a "breeding situation" occurred, according to the rescue's president, Ken Bacher. About 20 of them are headed to the ranch in Cave Creek, Arizona as a result.

The donkeys come in a multitude of petite sizes and colors.

"Miniature donkeys are 'herd' animals," according to the National Miniature Donkey Association "To avoid undue stress and loneliness, it is strongly recommended they not be kept singly but with another Miniature Donkey or other animal as a life-long friend."

So, maybe you should go for two.

Those interested in adopting a mini donkey should visit and fill out an adoption application. There is a $400 adoption fee for each animal.

Donkey owners will be chosen by lottery.
From: Triple R Horse Rescue:


20 MINIATURE DONKEYS in a multitude of petite sizes and colors, will make their way from Texas to Triple R Horse Rescue's ranch in Cave Creek, Ariz. All of the tiny donkeys are anxious to find forever homes with loving families and animal lovers. After their arrival, they will be ready to meet their future owners. More may be arriving later in spring.

According to Ken Bacher, president of Triple R Horse Rescue's, more than  160 of the donkeys wound up at a Texas rescue when a breeding situation occurred. As a result, the donkeys are being released to rescues such as Triple R so new homes can be found for them.

This amazingly group of tiny donkeys will be ready to get settled and adopted once they arrive and are gentled by loving rescue workers. Each mini donkey will be available for adoption at Triple R Horse Rescue, which is located at Spur Cross Stables,44029 North Spur Cross Road in Cave Creek, Ariz. Persons interested in adopting the donkeys can make an appointment by calling 602-396-8726

Triple R Horse Rescue is a 501(c)3 organization that rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes horses surrendered to its care. The organization, which is run 100% by volunteers, relies on support from the community to fulfill its mission. Triple R Horse Rescue is dedicated to assisting the 175,000 unwanted horses and donkeys in the United States. During the past three years, the organization has re-homed more than 150 animals.

For more information about Triple R Horse Rescue visit or call 602.396.8726


Thanks to all of our Triple R friends and supporters for the many inquiries about the mini-donkeys that are coming our way in the near future. Couple of quick updates:

1 - If you are interested in adopting, the first thing that you need to do is visit our website @ and fill out an adoption application.

2 - The donkeys will be adopted at $400 each

3 - If you have called one of our volunteers about the donkeys - they will get back to you ASAP to answer your question. Remember, we are 100% volunteer run and sometimes it takes a day to return a phone call.

4 - They donkeys will not be here for a few weeks and we will need time to accurately assess them before we can adopt them out properly.
We can't tell you how much we appreciate your support - many, many thanks!

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