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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Smurf, the Abused Kitten that Was Dyed Purple and Abandoned, Makes a Full Recovery

Remember the abused kitten that was dyed purple and abandoned in a box on the side of a Northern California road? Well, after about two months of much-needed recovery, the little fluff ball that stole the Internet's heart is hardly recognizable.

His silvery fur has grown back, and his wounds are fully healed. Aside from his name, Smurf, the only remnants of his former purple coloring are small marks around his elbows and ears.

Smurf rose to Internet fame after animal rescue organization 9 Lives Foundation posted heartbreaking photos of the injured and emaciated kitten on its Facebook page. Smurf had been found in a box with a 105 degree temperature and would go on to need surgery, stitches and a slew of antibiotics to cure infections.

Fortunately, it looks like he got the help he needed.

Smurf has been adopted by a veterinarian who was caring for him shortly after he began recovering. In case you're wondering, the vet also adopted Wanda, a blind kitten that Smurf had befriended once he got to the animal shelter. Both felines showed signs of abuse and bonded quickly, the organization said on its Facebook page at the time.

This was them a few months ago:

Smurf with his friend Wanda, another kitten at the shelter.

                                                 Best friends for life.

According to the Smurf and Wanda Facebook page, Smurf often helps Wanda navigate the world.

TLC has made a world of difference for these two resilient felines. You can follow their adventures on Smurf and Wanda, a Facebook page Smurf and Wanda's owner has set up.

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