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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Daytona Beach Police Are Investigating a Photo on Facebook of a Dog with His Mouth Taped Shut

A picture posted to Facebook showing a dog with its mouth taped has sparked an investigation with the Daytona Beach Police Department, according to a news release.

A man who lists his name on Facebook as Bryan Futur Gomez posted the picture to his page on Sunday. The dog is seen lying on the floor seemingly between two people with blue tape wrapped around its muzzle. Also on the floor is an orange box and bits of paper scattered around.

In the photo caption, Gomez claims the dog is his, although that hasn't been verified. He writes that taping a dog's mouth is the wrong way to punish the animal and that he wanted to demonstrate that.

He claims the dog's mouth was taped for "emergency purposes only" using a stretchable tape with the adhesive portion folded inward so it could come on and off. He added that if his post gets 400 shares he'll post a video showing tricks the dog has been trained to do.

Gomez has not returned the Orlando Sentinel's request for comment.

Hundreds of people have shared and commented on the Facebook post to criticize the actions seen in the photo. Many of those same users contacted the Daytona Beach Police Department urging them to investigate the photo.

The department released a statement saying that animal control officers are currently working to identify the person who taped the dog's mouth shut so they can determine if any charges should be filed.

A spokesman said Wednesday that the Daytona Beach Police Department is trying to locate a suspect but no other information or updates were available.

Daytona police investigated a similar incident in November when a woman named Katharine Lemansky posted a photo to Facebook of a chocolate lab-mix with its mouth taped shut. The woman was from South Daytona but was in Cary, N.C. when she made the post.

In that case, animal control officers in Cary found that the dog seemed to be well taken care of with no signs of injury, so Lemansky was able to keep the canine but she was charged with animal cruelty.
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