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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Yes, There Is A Smart Way To Break Up A Dog Fight

As a former animal control officer, I have seen my share of dogs fighting. I'm not talking about dogfighting in the Michael Vick sense. A fight can break out between dogs at any time and over many things.

It's not uncommon to see a sudden fight break out between two dogs while introducing them to one another. Dogs scuffle over food or toys or when one of them isn't feeling well and gets bothered by the other dog. It can happen at the dog park or while you're walking down the street with your dog leashed. Your dog may even redirect on one of his housemates if another dog is walking outside of your fence and gets him upset.

These are scary scenarios but it's important to remember if your dog is involved in a fight, it doesn't make him a bad dog.

Dogs don't usually go straight for a fight, but will give each other warning signs first. The best outcome is for them to work out their troubles and retreat before getting too aggressive. Dogs don't naturally resolve their issues by immediately fighting. Their ancestors, wolves, don't walk around all day looking to fight. It is a last resort and often lasts only moments, until one animal gets the message and agrees to back off. Not every physical interaction between dogs is indicative of them fighting. Dog play can look just as intimidating.

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