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Thursday, January 7, 2016

American Airlines Introducing the First-Of-Its-Kind "Pet Cabin"

It looks like some dogs will be traveling with a little bit more style thanks to American Airlines introducing the first-of-its-kind "pet cabin".

The airline has just announced the offering of their "pet cabins", which has been nicknamed "Cuddle Class" and will allow pet owners to keep their pets in a larger, private space versus being kept in a carry-on under the seat.

The pet cabins have vented doors and will be able to fit a pet carrier to a maximum of 19 by 13 by nine inches if hard-sided, or a little larger if soft-sided. It will be available on select flights between New York and Los Angeles and JFK and San Francisco. The pets will be seated adjacent to their owner's seat and can sit with their owners during the flight or in the cabin.

AA's outside PR firm said, "Each of the two bulkhead First Class suites on the American Airlines A321T at the front of the cabin has an attached pet compartment with vented door where a passenger traveling with his/her pet can place the pet, in its carrying case, for taxi, take-off, and landing. During other phases of the flight, the pet, in its carrying case, can be kept on the floor space of the passenger’s First Class suite. The two berths at the front bulkhead each have a space with a vented door to hold a kennel or carrying case for takeoff and landing."

The same rules the airline has for carry-on pets will apply, along with their usual carry-on pet fee. There's no word on whether the dogs will be treated to free beverages and biscuits.


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