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Friday, October 17, 2014

Lawrence Police Officer Finds 3-Week-Old Pup in Pocket of Suspected Drug Dealer

A suspected drug dealer placed under arrest late last week surprised a Lawrence, Massachusetts police officer when the suspect pulled out a three-week-old puppy from his pocket reported

The adorable little one was turned over to the Lawrence Animal Control who notified Pittie Love Rescue Shelter in Framingham; from there the tiny pooch was turned over to a foster home for around the clock care. Alexis Bywater, the foster mom, who initially cared for the puppy, named the little one "Pocket."

"I was actually shocked at how tiny she was, she didn't have any teeth and was just like a tiny loaf."

By Sunday night, however Pocket wasn't doing well; the puppy began to vomit and exhibit diarrhea. She was rushed to the Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners in Waltham where she received additional medical care under the careful eye of Dr. Kristina DePaula. The puppy is now doing fine and has become a tiny superstar at the hospital.

It is illegal to sell a dog or cat in most states under the age of eight-weeks. It has not been announced if the suspect who had "Pocket" in his pocket will be charged with animal cruelty.

In the meantime, the tiny black, adorable pooch named Pocket will be released from the veterinary hospital, returned to her foster home and be cared for, until Pittie Love Rescue Shelter says she is ready to be adopted.

What a way to begin life Pocket!

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