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Monday, October 20, 2014

Elderly Owners Can No Longer Care For Bonded Dogs: Dogs To Be Put Down Next Week

Two deeply bonded dogs are losing their family, and perhaps their life, because their elderly owners in Brooklyn, New York, are losing their home. A friend of the family is desperate to find the dogs a home before next week, when the elderly couple's son plans to put the dogs, named "Blade," and "Siah," down.

The family friend explained the son's decision:

The last thing he wants to do is put the dogs to sleep, he loves them, however he thinks it is cruel to dump them in a shelter that would separate them and probably end up euthanizing them anyway.

They were in boarding for a while, in different cages, and Siah stopped eating nearly starving himself to death because he was not with Blade.

When he came out, he was so emaciated and both of them were sick. The son can not see that happen again

Blade (tan) is five years of age and altered. Siah is eight years of age and not altered. The family has no history of the dogs around cats or children and is unable to determine if they would be a good fit with families who include them.

The following information was shared about the pair:

They are located in Brooklyn. They love to play with each other, other dogs and people. They are very friendly, love everyone. They love toys and carry them around everywhere. They are not overly hyper and also love their cuddle time. They are more then happy to lay with each other and their people all day but also love going to the park. They are up to date on all shots, have no medical conditions and no special needs.

Anyone with questions or who can possibly help is asked to email:


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