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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Dog Found Alive After Her Memorial Service

The sight of dogs running free of leashes near open traffic can give most on-lookers a near-heart-attack, but what if you had to  helplessly watch a pup fall off a 200-foot cliff?

This was the case for Michelle Simmons, her hiking group, and her labradoodle, Gracie, in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge. Gracie was romping around with another dog while on the hiking outing, and accidentally fell off a large cliff. Expecting the worst, Simmons and her family held an on-the-spot memorial service for their beloved dog.

Wait wait wait! Hold the tears! The story doesn’t end there. Another hiker in the Gorge heard the sound of a dog at the bottom of the cliff. After contacting authorities, a ten-person rescue team was sent to recover the frightened pooch by means of a rescue harness. To the surprise (and absolute joy) of Simmons, it was in fact Gracie who had escaped death at the bottom of the cliff with only a few scratches and bruises.

While this story is miraculous, it serves as an important reminder that dog leashes – while limiting in freedom – can actually save an animal’s life.

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