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Friday, April 21, 2017

Meet Frederik, the World's Most Handsome Horse

Frederik The Great, a breathtakingly beautiful Friesian stallion from the United States, may just be the world's most handsome horse.

Sharing his name with the ruler of Prussia from 1740-1786, the highly acclaimed horse has a muscular build, striking black features and flowing mane.

The beautiful stallion is owned by Pinnacle Friesians where he stands at stud in the Ozark Mountains in the US.

With a Facebook fan page of more than 12,500 followers and a blog to his name, the stunning stallion has amassed quite a hefty fan following.

So popular is the horse that an online gallery featuring artwork of him has been created.

A breathtaking video shot recently shows Frederik galloping freely, with his long black mane billowing in the wind.

'That hair! It's like someone crossed a horse with the hunky lead from a romance novel,' Boredom Therapy wrote.

The equine treasure's legacy will continue with his first offspring born in August 2015.

Vaughn, a Friesian colt, shares the same striking appearance as its father and at just nine months old is completely adorable.

Frederik The Great commands a stud fee of more than AUD$7,500.
By comparison, Frankel, one of the world's greatest ever racehorses, has a service fee of more than AUD$250,000.

Fans of Frederik The Great have expressed their love for the handsome horse.

“Frederik, you are the most beautiful horse that I have ever seen. Only God could create such artistry. Breath taking & magnificent,” one person wrote.

“There will NEVER be a more majestic, handsome, sexy horse on the face of the earth. Never, ever. I wish I could just touch and 'smell' him just once,” wrote another.

He's the real life Black Beauty.

Drawing comparisons: “It's like someone crossed a horse with the hunky lead from a romance novel,” Boredom Therapy wrote, putting Frederik (left) in the same league as heartthrob Fabio Lanzoni (right)


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