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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Donations Needed to Help 14-Month-Old Tucker Get A Much Needed Service Dog: Please Share

Donations are needed to help 14-month-old, J. Micheal Tucker get a much needed service dog.

Sharing from Tucker’s Aunt, Cassie: 

I'm writing this campaign for my nephew, who celebrated his first birthday in December of 2016! Not everyone knows this story, or its history, so allow me to backtrack so everyone understands. 

My sister Crystal  married the love of her life, Jerrold, in September of 2002. They began planning their family, and within the first year of their marriage, Crystal found out she was expecting. They were both thrilled, and the rest of the family was as well. 

All of my life growing up, I've watched my older sister, babysitting or working in childrens church, or teaching at the preschool she works in and the pure passion and love she has for children is evident to all. She's wanted nothing more than to be a mother, and have a house full of kids, for as long as I've known her. 

Unfortunately, due to a miscarriage, she lost her first child, which was a huge blow to her and Jerrold...and the entire family. 

Of course God had a plan though, and in November of 2004, their family welcomed Maggie Leeann  and the world was never the same!

To say that Crystal and Jerrold are "good parents", is an understatment to say the least. They have raised Maggie in such a beautiful way, allowing her wonderful, loving, charming, Christian, spunky, sassy, hilarious attitude to shine in the best ways possible. They've taught her to be kind and courteous, sincere and loving, understanding and tender, and most of all have given her access to a wonderful relationship with God. From the time Maggie learned to talk, she knew how to pray. And every prayer always had one thing in common: 

"Please Dear God....let mommy and daddy have another baby." 
While some kids want all the attention and perks of being a single child, Maggie wanted nothing more than to be a big sister. She prayed fervently, and my sister went through many more miscarriages. As hard as it was to go through the pain of losing children, my brother and sister never gave up faith and continued to love Maggie with all their heart. 

To read more on this story, and make a donation, click here: Donations Needed to Help 14-Month-Old Tucker Get A Much Needed  Service Dog 

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