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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Judge Extends Suspension of Montreal Pit Bull Ban

A Quebec Superior Court judge has extended a suspension of Montreal's ban on pit bull-type dogs until there is a final court ruling on the SPCA's legal challenge of the bylaw.

The SPCA is arguing that clauses of the new animal control bylaw dealing with pit bull-type dogs should be declared null and illegal. 

Restrictions aimed at pit bull-type dogs, including a prohibition on adopting them and a requirement that they be muzzled when outdoors, will not be enforced until the SPCA's challenge is heard by the courts and a final decision is rendered.

Other provisions of the new animal control bylaw remain in effect, such as the requirement that all dogs weighing more than 20 kilograms, regardless of breed, wear a halter or harness.

Bylaw definition 'vague, imprecise'

In Justice Louis Gouin's decision, he found the provisions dealing with pit bull-type dogs raise numerous red flags and merit further review.

Gouin said the definition of the term "pit bull-type dog" is vague and imprecise and needs to be clarified. 

"The challenge is to establish the limits of the very elastic definition of 'pit bull-type dog' and the court notes that, during the hearings, even the city has been unable to define those limits," the decision reads. 

Gouin also questioned whether the City of Montreal has the right to order the seizure and euthanizing of pit bull-type dogs that may not, in fact, be dangerous.

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