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Monday, August 29, 2016

2016 Election: Which Candidate is the Most Animal-Friendly?

The 2016 election has become one of the most heated and divisive primaries in American history.

But no matter which party you align with, all animal-loving voters should be aware of the stances their candidates take in regards to animal rights and humane policies that protect pets.  

So how do the presidential and vice presidential candidates stack up when it comes to historical pet-friendliness and all-around animal activism? Here are some of the major things to know: 

Hillary Rodham Clinton:

The Democratic presidential nominee has an entire page on her website about how she plans to "promote animal welfare and protect animals from cruelty and abuse."

One of the bullet points of Clinton's promises says that, as President, she would "Protect pets and domesticated animals by making sure facilities like animal breeders, zoos, and research institutions create plans to protect the animals in their care during disasters; strengthen regulations of 'puppy mills' and other harmful commercial breeding facilities; and support the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act."

During her time in the Senate, Clinton co-sponsored the Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act of 2007, as well as a bill to amend the Horse Protection Act. 

Clinton, a pet parent to three dogs (Seamus, Maisie, and Tally), has previously recieved a perfect score from the Humane Society's Legislative Fund. In a press release in 2007 for the HSLF, Clinton said, "Our policies should reflect the important role that animals play in our lives and our environment. I believe we should treat animals humanely and that is why I support anti-cruelty laws."

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