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Thursday, March 3, 2016

See the Effects on a Dog After Ingesting Medical Marijuana

A poor pooch was stoned after it ate a Rice Krispy treat made with marijuana.

The Siberian Husky couldn’t get his tongue back in his mouth or stand on his own.

Videos of similarly stoned dogs have been posted on YouTube and show what happens when dogs accidently eat food laced with pot.

Now that medical marijuana is legal in 23 states, pot-infused edibles are more common than ever and scenarios with dogs getting high are also more common.

No one knows that better than Sam Smeltzer, whose 10-year-old dog, Rasko, ate some of Sam’s medical marijuana-infused coconut oil that dripped on the floor.

He told Inside Edition: “Suddenly I hear licking, and I was like ‘Oh no!’”

After about an hour, Rasko was stoned and stumbling around.

Veterinarian Dr. Jeff Werber says if your dog ingests pot, call your vet because there's a good chance they overdid it.

“They're not going (to) look at the plate of brownies and say: ‘Let me see, I think I should only have one.’ They're all gone, and that's the problem. They don't know when to say ‘enough.’”


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