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Monday, January 4, 2016

The Rescue of 66 Dogs from a Dilapidated Rockville Home Being Treated as a ‘Criminal Case’

Rockville, Maryland - The staff at the Montgomery County Animal Services Center remains perplexed after staff there rescued 66 dogs from a dilapidated Rockville home on Friday, January 1st.

"We literally doubled our dog population in one day," Tom Koenig, director of Montgomery County Animal Services, told ABC7. "It's remarkable to me."

On Thursday, December 31st, animal control officers responded to a dog bite call at a home along the 13200 block of Glen Mill Road. While on-site, the female homeowner acted hostile and was overall uncooperative. Officers sensed a large number of dogs were inside her three-bedroom home. They wrote a report and obtained a search warrant. Then around 6:30 p.m. Friday, they returned, search warrant in tow, and discovered the 66 dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds.

It took 16 hours for staff to transport, catalog, and provide medical care to every animal over the holiday weekend. Although specific treatment has not been disclosed, Koenig says it ran the gamut from minor to major remedies.

Now, officers are constructing a criminal case. Was this a dog fighting ring? A puppy mill? Or a homegrown animal rescue gone awry? Investigators have their suspicions, but have not publicly identified the alleged motive.

"The homeowner could certainly face charges, but that has not been decided yet," Koenig added. "We'll charge as the law provides and there will be due diligence in that regard."

The criminal evidence list is long. It includes all 66 dogs, which has prevented the animal services center from releasing photos or pictures of the rescued animals.

"It was not healthy for them and we feel now they are in a better situation with us than they were there," Koenig concluded.

Veterinarians hope all 66 dogs will one day be available for public adoption, but many have a long road to recovery.

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