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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Criminal of Violent Crime Spree Breaks Into Home…And Meets Family's Dog

Atlanta, GA-  Police say Donte Wyatt left a violent path of destruction. He was on the run, hiding from police, when he ran into Wilson. That's where the crime spree ended.

Wilson, a blue blood bulldog, was protecting his owner when Wyatt broke into their home. But police tell 11Alive's Rebecca Lindstrom Wyatt's criminal history started long before that canine run-in.

In jail records, Donte Wyatt lists McDonough as his home city. Henry County Police know him well; he's been arrested nearly a dozen times for crimes ranging from trespassing, failure to pay child support, robbery, battery, and domestic violence.

Henry County police say Wyatt's recent crime spree started when he stabbed his wife in the parking lot of a Stockbridge Waffle House Monday morning. She had surgery and remains in stable condition.

Wyatt was on the run. Police say he made it up to Atlanta in a rental truck. That's where he broke into a home on Shadowridge Drive, killed the woman who lived there, and stole her car.

Police were able to track him to that home and were close to an arrest. Wyatt crashed the stolen car and took off on foot.

That's when he entered the wrong home: one guarded by Wilson.

Adra Wilson was upstairs when she heard Wyatt breaking into her home. She called 911, and police told her to keep still. They were on the way. Meanwhile, Wilson had things covered.

"He just basically acted as a deterrent, and kept the intruder from coming upstairs," said Adra's husband, Eric Wilson.

Police were able to rescue Adra while the suspect was in the basement. After a four-hour standoff, they lobbed tear gas into the house. The suspect came running into their arms -- and away from the Wilsons' bulldog.

"They say the dog bit him a couple of times, just kept him at bay," Eric said.


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