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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dog Branded With The "F-Word" On Her Side Gets Cosmetic Surgery

A pit-bull puppy named Felicity that was branded with the "f-word" by chemical burns had cosmetic surgery in Kentucky on Thursday to mask the scar.

Felicity was found last month tied to a fence in Lexington with the scar on her side. She was taken in by the Lexington Humane Society, who said that they wanted to perform the surgery before sending her to a new home. Liz Ubelhor, the veterinarian who performed the procedure, said the people who burned her likely used a chemical paste or liquid.

Lexington Humane Society development manager Ashley Hammond told WKYT, "We think doing plastic surgery on her will make her a little more adoptable and we don't want people to make judgments on her based on her appearance." Hundreds of dollars were donated to help the Humane Society pay for Felicity's procedure.

The Lexington Humane Society is offering a $3,500 reward for information on who burned Felicity. Despite tips Animal Control has received, no arrests have been made, WKYT reports. Animal control has asked that anyone with information on what happened to Felicity to contact them at 859-255-9033 ext. 229.

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