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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Did You Know That There Are Purebred Dogs in Animal Shelters?

People often think that dogs found at shelters or through breed rescue groups are special-needs pets with health or behavior problems. The reality is that plenty of nice, healthy canines are available for adoption, including purebreds, crossbreeds, mixed breeds, young dogs, adult dogs and senior dogs.

Thousands of breed-specific rescue groups across North America post their adoptable pets on sites like Petfinder, where you can search by breed, age, sex, size and location. Petfinder's search results also include dogs in shelters, but the types of purebreds found at shelters vary across the country.

The number one obstacle identified about people adopting shelter dogs is their completely valid desire of wanting a purebred dog. After all, you can find perfectly healthy, happy purebred dogs at a shelter or with a purebred rescue organization.

Most buyers also tend to want something tangible to prove a dog is a purebred. Some consumers get overly hung up on having “papers” for their dog. What may surprise paper-enthusiasts though is this: unless you are buying from a seriously legitimate kennel-club registered breeder, the oh-so-coveted papers you may get is really paperwork that can be generated by anyone with a computer. It guarantees nothing about the quality of the dog being purchased. Not health. Not sound temperament. Not breed. No guarantees at all.

Another great benefit of adopting a pet from a rescue group is these groups know their dogs. Most are foster-home based organizations, which mean the dog lives with a host family that likely knows everything there is to know about your future family member. You know who you are going home with which naturally makes the process of adding your new dog into your daily routine easier.

Further, the National Council on Pet Population Study & Policy reports that 25-percent of pets in shelters are purebred. That’s a lot of coveted purebred pets that are not meeting their forever families because of preconceived notions about what buying a purebred pet guarantees.

Adopting from a shelter or rescue almost always comes with stellar perks that you will rarely get from a pet retailer or breeder, such as shots and basic up-front veterinary care, behavioral and training support (which is always awesome if you’re adopting a younger dog or puppy), and a network of assistance in the event something unexpected pops up, like an unforeseeable health issue. This level of service is a 180 from your typical pet store or breeder, which will rarely care about the future of your pet after they take your money.


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