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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New D.C. Apartment Complex to Offer Communal Dog Mascot

Condos and apartments are going up all across the District, and with so many units hitting the market, developers are going to new lengths to attract prospective tenants.

Emmy the Bulldog is among the lures.

"I was sitting at a cafe one day and I just saw a puppy walking by -- it was a bulldog and everyone ran across the street and had to pet this dog," said Holli Beckman, W.C. Smith Vice President of Leasing Operations.

Beckman put her 'Eureka!' moment to work -- and brought in Emmy to help bring in new tenants.

"Like a community mascot, I could get down with that, I think it's a good idea," said prospective tenant Hayley Bangley.

Until her new home, “2 M Street,” is ready (Get it? Emmy?), she will spend her days at the developer’s office, socializing.

Doug Crawford will manage the property, and Emmy will live with him there full time.
"...Extremely positive, it's been a huge success,” Crawford said of prospective tenants’ reactions to the adorable bulldog.

Emmy will be available for play and romps in an interior dog park, but she won’t be allowed to leave the building with any tenant:

"It's not like she can be checked out like a book and taken away and not come back," said Beckman.

Since this building is going to be pet-friendly, another benefit of having Emmy here is is giving people who are considering a pet a chance to try it out see if they like it.

“They'll get an opportunity to interact and play and see if it is something that is a good fit for them,” said Crawford.


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