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Sunday, January 12, 2014

New! T-Shirts by Doug Ratner - "I'd Rather Be With My Cat" - (Doug Ratner & The Watchmen)

I recently posted about my friend Doug Ratner...come on you know the name and the music! Doug Ratner & The Watchmen!

I told you that he had just launched his new company, " I'd Rather Be With My Dog."

If you want to show the world just how much you love your cat, make sure to get an "I'd Rather Be With My Cat" tee from Doug Ratner & The Watchmen. The Washington Humane Society, (WHS) will receive $6 for every shirt if you write "WHS" in your order notes.

From Doug:
Check out the shirts, read about the charities, check out the blogs, and tell us what you think and remember that every single one of YOU played a little part in inspiring me to launch this new company.

Cat T-Shirt
He has now added a new t-shirt to his collection! "I'd Rather Be With My Cat." For all you Cat lovers out there, you know that you’d rather be with your cat than be with anyone else, and now you have a t-shirt to show everyone how you feel!
  • The Cat shirt makes the perfect holiday present, birthday gift, party favor, and even something to send to an ex girlfriend or boyfriend!
  • Share your cat pictures with us on INSTAGRAM
  • We donate a percentage of all our sales to rescues and shelters throughout the country!
Watch the video below that started this brand!

About: Doug Ratner & The Watchmen
Doug Ratner & The Watchmen have covered a lot of ground in a pretty short space of time. If rock n’ roll and the highway make a perfect marriage, the power trio out of Longmeadow, Massachusetts has spent the last year-and-a-half on its honeymoon.


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