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Friday, July 12, 2013

Squirrel Eating Car - Terrorizing a South Florida Family

A Florida family living in fear that they were being targeted by vandals discovered that the culprit has quite an appetite for destruction. The culprit? A squirrel.

A crazy car-eating squirrel with an appetite for destruction has been terrorizing a south Florida family.

The hungry critter, dubbed Munchy, has been biting fist-sized chunks of metal out of Nora Ziegler's SUV.

It's already ripped two 6-inch panels out of her Toyota Sequoia and seems intent on eating more.

But, bizarrely, he's left the four other cars that line the Martin County family's driveway untouched.

Ziegler told WPTV that she initially thought her vehicle was being targeted by vandals.
Cops were stumped and told her to remain vigilant, speculating that "someone was coming after her."

But she soon busted the culprit red-handed as she put out the trash one night.
Ziegler said she couldn't believe her eyes as she watched the squirrel, which was hanging by its teeth and gnawing away at the metal.

Relieved that she wasn't being targeted by hoodlums, she's now deciding what to do about the rampaging rodent.

"I'm not happy to see my car like this, but at least I didn't have any enemies, at least not people," Ziegler told WPTV.

Wildlife expert Hugh Curran, of Absolute Critter Removal, was however less shocked about the squirrel's choice of food.

"If they're looking to make a nest, chewing for them to find a cavity, to make a nest, that's not unusual at all," said Curran.



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