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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Did You Know that there are Homeless Horses?

When most people think of homeless animals, they think of dogs and cats. Did you know that there are homeless horses?

There are no unwanted horses in the United States, simply homeless horses. "Unwanted Horse" is a pro slaughter term.

No one has a litter of horses show up on their door step, no one is walking down the street and finds a basket full of baby horses!

All domestic horse breeding, save the exception of an unlatched gate, is controlled by human intervention. A homeless horse has simply outgrown the reason for which he or she has been bred and is now homeless, not unwanted.

As a domestic species in America, the horse tends to have an ownership history that closely resembles that of a used car. An estimate I’ve heard is that the average horse will pass through 7 to 10 homes in their lifetime. The implications of this sad fact are compounded many fold when you come to understand the nature and needs of a horse, a beautiful, highly intelligent herd animal who thrives on companionship, leadership, routine and a predictably safe environment.

The Humane Society of the United States, says, A typical horse has a life-span of more than 20 years and will have several owners over the course of his life. While most will find owners who love and cherish them, some will fall victim to abuse, neglect, or even death at a slaughter plant. We’re working to make sure that doesn’t happen.


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