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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hired Dog Walker Busted on Video by Owner for not Fulfilling Service

If you have a dog walker, you will want to watch the video.

Many say dogs are members of the family, and owners spend a lot of money to make sure their dogs are walked while they are at work or on vacation.

But a Kensington, Maryland woman says something just didn't seem right, so she decided to take a closer look. Yogi Carroll grabbed her video camera and a baby monitor to record exactly what her dog walker was doing when she visited her home each day.

Carroll says the agreement was for her dog walker to come in each day to spend a little time outside with her pet, two-year-old Wilson, and to make sure he did his business.

Carroll says she set up the cameras and even put tape around Wilson’s crate to determine if the dog walker had even bothered to open the crate.

After just a few minutes inside the home, the dog walker leaves the home. Carroll approaches the dog walker to ask for the key to her home.

Carroll says, “I'm here to get the key from you. I'm Yogi. I live here. I'm here to grab the key because I'm actually going to discontinue the dog walking service from now on."
The dog walker says, “Why is that?"

Carroll responds, "I'm guessing if I walk in there, you wrote ‘peed only,’ you didn't walk Wilson. That going to be true?"

The dog walker replies, "Yes."

Carroll walks into her home and finds Wilson in his crate and the tape still in place showing he had never been removed from his crate.

Carroll says she made this recording not only to confirm her suspicions, but to also warn others who may be concerned about their pets.

"So many people use dog walking services in this area,” says Carroll. “My friends are dog walkers, so not all dog walkers are bad. I know this is a hard industry to be a part of, but people need to be aware of what's going in and out of their house."

Carroll did not want to reveal the company who provided the dog walker. She said the owner of the company took swift action.


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